The Wise Will Understand

Dan 12:10
“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

Daniel 12:11
“And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.”

Why are the Watchmen (on the most part) unteachable?  Why can’t the chosen show the Watchmen what is happening in the Spirit realm of Earth?

Because they are programmed into the “I am bad and wrong” and they never deprogrammed from it.  They were not delivered and healed by God.  They did not become the clay in His hands to be emotionally repaired.  Therefore they do not know their own heart.  They cannot look at their own heart in Truth and present it to God as is.

Granted it is good that they fear God.  But by hiding and compartmentalizing their hearts away from God, they forbid Him (by free will) to fix them in the Way of Jesus. Jesus is the Way and being given a new heart is part of the process of walking in the Way of Jesus.  It’s too late for all that now.  The Way is a lifelong process of learning and becoming.  They are Gentiles if they truly believe in Jesus.  But they are not chosen for certain tasks of God that require emotional cooperation.  A Higher Calling.  Still they are called to be Watchmen and that is a privilege and honor bestowed by God.

We are human (the 144) and so we make comparisons to the believers whom we see.  We do this due to our own low self worth that came from beast programming.  God taught us to face ourselves in Truth. It’s one of the foundations of wearing the belt of Truth.  To face one’s own heart and present it to God hiding nothing.

If wisdom confronts the Watchmen with Truth that the Watchmen cannot see it will anger him.  He will lash out and does. He is incapable of capping his pride because of the program that runs in him still.  When confronted with Truth contrary to his beliefs it triggers a reaction emotionally.  He does into defense mode…why?  Because the Watchmen perceives that anyone who disagrees with him renders him “wrong & bad”.  He tears and rages and fights to hide the wrong and bad.  His own heart condemns him because of programming.  This renders him unteachable.

“Only the wise can understand the meaning of Daniel 12:11.  Why?  Because one must Have the double portion of Spirit to see into the dark.  It’s not the watchmen’s shame that he cannot see into the darkness.  It’s not to his shame that he has no clue about the Locust and it’s creed.  He was not meant to rip the vail by death and walk the walk of the Way.  He was not given by God to Jesus.  But what is his shame is that He never faced his own heart in Truth.  It is his shame that he doesn’t Love Truth enough to have retained God’s words in His heart.

THE WATCHMEN NOW FOLLOW THE CREED OF DARKNESS. I am explaining to you the cause of the Great Falling Away.   The Watchmen are greatly deceived.

But still we wish that we could share our knowledge.  But it’s impossible.  We have tried for seven years to show them the true timeline of end of days.

This is why they continuously preach O.S.A.S.  They fear and so they hide from God.  But first they hide from themselves.  It’s quite the pickle to be your own deceiver.  They never learned the deeper ways of the workings of their own emotional condition and intellect.  That takes humility.

Still we believe God will save them anyway.  Jesus has the keys to death and Hell and deliverance with come to all believers by Grace if they have Faith in God as they say.   And being called as a Watchmen is evidence of that Faith.  The 144 yearn for our Fathers favor over the Gentiles.  So we are (to put it into common terms) we are over achievers for God.

We don’t preach anti-works rather we embrace works as being our deeping purpose and calling.

Interestingly the 144 have need of that same Grace & Faith.  But our calling is not to sleep for 1,000 years as one day.  No.  We have things to do on the New Earth to prepare it for the Gentiles when they awaken.


Simply because they like Him.  Their heart is to the beast system.  They have not deprogrammed from beast system lies.  They have not faced themselves in Truth to detach from the lies.  Rather they prefer lies over the Truth.

NO Gates of Hell will not get on CNN and say “worship me”.  He won’t put on a crown and wear a shirt that says “Antichrist Here!“.  Evil is smarter than that.  Evil is stealth in the end of days.

Gate of Hell is Bill Gates.  He isn’t all of the problem he is the elites poster boy.  Who put Gate of Hell into power?  The False prophet of course who has more money than the banks.  He DOES PROPHECY.  He IS A FALSE PROPHET NOT A CATHOLIC PRIEST who never makes predictions.  People cannot see what is right in front of them. “The Oracle of Omaha” is his prophet name.  He put Gates into power by giving him all his money. Yet he still has more money than the banks.  He is War.  War On Chinese Buffet……warrenbuffet.

Expose of Daniel 12:11

The locusts have flown on the back of the winged abomination.  A kind of flying rat.  They are spirit demons that also manifest physically in the face and on the hair.  But today the higher prayers went out to crush the Locust.  We don’t know exactly what it’s doing to its hosts whom it consummated with.  Except that it’s causing them a strong delusion.  They are greatly deceived.  Scripture says it will render the victims “desolate”.  Desolate of what?

Desolate of God’s Truth.  As the famine of His words progresses by magic deletion and edits to all babbles.  So too the Dark Lord Author of confusion has taken the reins where the babbles are concerned.  Towers of babble control the minds of men.  They embrace lies and debauchery while calling the adulterated books by Jesus’ title.

Again His sheep know His voice and my 1990’s produced babble ain’t it.

The desecration of the holy place x2 are bodies and babbles.(they call it “the word”)

Both are now controlled by evil IF they  took the mark.  And if the Locust has their ass.  And if they did not hold God’s Truth safe in their hearts.

But deliverance is coming to the children of Earth.  Finally deliverance from the Locust is coming.


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