The Serpent’s Wheel, Lies, Love, and Truth. Mandela Effect Symptoms

The Wheel of Forgetting has encompassed our reality

There are two Mandella effects one seen, one unseen that is the strong delusion.  Why two?  To protect those who see through the strong delusion which is the changing history that most do not fathom.

The Mandella Effect is being caused by a great quantum connected wheel of time.  “The Serpent’s Wheel” according to Jazweeh the prediction visionist.   The prophetess Kerry Ann Gidden in the video below (which we have permission to post) has also seen this day the serpent’s wheel or a variation thereof in a vision of Trump falling to his death.  The wheel of time is depicted in many art forms.

PLEASE, Stay In Truth So ye be not deceived

Jazweeh has interpreted Miss Gidden’s vision a step further as to say….as the serpent’s wheel goes round and round they (“they” being Trump’s Handlers, rulers, boss’s authority figures, those who put him in power and those who can and will end his reign) type the directives for the wheel into their quantum computers which is somehow attached to he wheel, they use sorcery as well.  A great shift happens in time and space and out comes the new history of the world.   And most importantly, NO ONE SEES IT UNLESS THEY ARE PROTECTED BY THE BELT OF TRUTH, GOD HIMSELF, or a great white alter/rock that somehow keeps the chosen anchored to Truth no matter how intense and extreme the shift and changes are.

Those who are in truth see the true history.  They do not forget by the wheel of forgetting.

Those who side with the lie and feel the lie protects them (and this is usually an emotional subconscious dependency on deception when the lie gets a man out of a tight spot or a fearful situation.  Like “the dog ate my homework”.  Sounds like a harmless white lie eh?  Not so much.  Again, when the belt of Truth (Your Armor) falls due to a lie the breastplate of righteousness always follows. Now your heart is exposed…..NOT GOOD.

WE MUST NOT SIDE WITH THE LIE LEST WE BE DECEIVED under the strong delusion that is at large.  The strong delusion is getting increasingly brazen.  The changes that are the fake history are turning our world into a different reality. Changing history changes the past and hence the present.  This isn’t really a time machine, (the wheel) as people don’t have to go back and change history by interacting with people in the past.  NO.  They just type in the directives, put on their little protective red helmets, and push the button.  SHIZAMM a shift happens and our world and history are different.  People sleep.  They get really tired if they are being protected from the shift they usually lay down and go to sleep while the shift happens.  Sometimes God takes them to a place of safety on a great white rock/crystal if the shift is extreme.  Some shifts are much worse than others. Their ears ring greatly during the shifts.  They feel something in the air….some oddity of perception.  Then, they see the changes.

Time Shift Symptoms and experiences

Have you ever been in a store walking an isle and suddenly your totally turned around?  Your sense of direction is absolutely backwards?  This is a sign of a shift.

Make no mistake, at some point those who see WILL STOP SHARING THEIR EXPERIENCE.  The time will come when God will say “cast not thy pearls before swine”.  And those who see have told me they must at some point STOP sharing their insight for many undisclosed reasons.

For those who do not see who are under the strong delusion sent by Evil (we believe)

It’s always easier to say “they are insane who see the Mandela effects” than to say, ‘I am deceived’.  But do not point the finger in so doing.

For you who do not see the Mandela effects and especially the many many KJV Bible changes PLEASE do not criticize your brothers who see they have sided with TRUTH as their great protector.  WE MUST EMBRACE THE TWO FOLD TRUTH.  Jesus is The Truth and our words must be truth.

“It is not what goes into the body that pollutes it but rather what comes out, which rolls off the tongue that beguiles a man.”

Why would God who Cannot LIe Send a whole dimension of LIes?  He would not.

These who see have learned that to deceive themselves or others out of fear or greed WILL RESULT in being deceived under the STRONG DELUSION that perhaps GOD sent or or He just allowed Satan to send the S.D.  God cannot tell a lie.  Jesus is Truth.  So WHY in the name of God would it be God to send out a pack of lies in the form of a strong delusion to the masses.  We could be wrong.  Just considering.  Delusion is a lie is it not?  God has ALLOWED THE STRONG DELUSION.  The new bible also has God doing lots of “hating”, “evil” lots of “damning” these things were not so in the Bible BEFORE the serpent’s wheel changed our history.

This Las Vegas Ferris Wheel looks just like a clock.  It’s as if they are showing us truth in plain sight the quantum wheel of time.  The wheel of forgetting.

All Lies are Dangerous

Even a white lie to your child to protect them is a danger but if the motive is Love their may be a hope that it does not drop your belt of truth.  I don’t know how far the motive of good will take you in protecting you with the belt of truth.  “Love covers a multitude of sin”  “The Greatest of these gifts is Love”.

Pure Love IS THE ONLY THING that trumps and covers the sin of the lie.  You would have to truly have the motive of Love as a precept to get away with it with no backlash.  You would need Love as motive instead of the motive of fear to keep your Belt of Truth in place in these end times.  This is the only loophole persay to the rule of the belt of truth that protects us by its armor.  I cannot say this enough do not lie ever.    I won’t harp on this any more as I have covered this topic at length now.

Remember God said there is no greater deed a man can do on Earth than give his life for his neighbor.  Suppose you had to lie to save someone’s life?  I think that would qualify as an acceptable deception covered by Love to keep the belt of truth in place in spite of the deception.  I could be wrong.  The precepts of Truth and Love are almost as important as the gospel itself in these end times.  And for all I know True Love could be as important as the gospel HOWEVER, who is capable of True Love without the Spirit of God Loving through them?   I am not.  This makes accepting Jesus as your Savior an absolute PRIORITY.  If we have not Love, we have nothing.

The Oubliette “A place of forgetting”

This Mandela Effect Quantum Time Wheel is what’s called an Oubliette. That’s French for as the line in the movie “a place of forgetting. Your quarters, my lady.”   In “The First Knight” movie, Malagant locked Guinevere in a dark place of forgetting in a cave with a great abyss between her escape and the rock she was captive on.

The Serpent’s Wheel of time is a “Quantum Oubliette”; the place of mass forgetting.  Our world has been thrust into an oubliette.


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