An Unhappy Word and a Glad Scripture from Isaiah

“Those who wait upon The Lord shall renew their strength

They shall mount up with wings as Eagles

they shall run and not falter

they shall skip/prance and not fall

so wait, I say wait, upon The Lord.”

I went to a place the soul does rest and ate from a tree of fruit not of this earth.  The fruit looked quite like a Philodendron bloom but on a palm tree.  I ate of it and it became bitter.

A mystery was given to me by the fruit.  It did become bitter in my stomach.  It was beautiful comely of good taste.  And became bitter.  then the wise vision saddened me from within my heart as I wrote.

Some words are old English see definitions by etymology.

To The Many from the Few

Transparent gates of etched white and blue regions of talt (tales) of old
transgressions cause the heart to fall
as the heart falls the brain fogs up and follows suit becoming dull
why can’t I see?
why am I blind scream the masses in anxt
the transgression to one’s own soul must be reversed at some point
reverse the froward mind the dull spirit the black heart by changing
A man cannot change everything says the froward.
Ah perhaps not but when reliance on Father is achieved
then the froward finds Hope in his anxt and retrieves a magic pass
a gracious gift
an eye opening brief key if he then uses it
He experiences the Great Awakening.

Part Two:
Brief twilight sands of time, towers of old rust and roam, taunt thy soul with sleepy lust for power and gwan (weakness)
Spikenard with no vice term agreements with no sword hiding at dark
champagne of the nutritious variety as when food was food.
Talmudic genocide is on the way with screams from hell and bail of hay.
dark night shall begin the first….with purple lips men die of thirst
jammed in cart as if a ride would take them to there happy side.
threats of starvation coax them there as they scramble for food they lose their hair
such contamination not since the plague
no no don’t eat their processed page
by messenger boy they shall guild/gild the crow (dress it up)
do not eat the masonic dough.
wiggle and shake
wiggle and shake
the dough of death will take the cake.


Please please sister my sister when shall this come upon the Earth under the sun?


Sweet the sweat of a man who works for pay in the day his purpose is true.   When the time of work is halted and men have little direction appended and rent from that which he used to complain….gratitude for former things always brings regret when they are taken away.

And so in the time of men’s great regret the famacide

(A killer of reputation; a slanderer) shall come and the occurrence shall be here .


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