For the Mandela Affected & Those Left Behind

To Those Who Do Not Feel The Shifts of Sand and of Time

Father Forgive them for they know NOT what they do.

Father Loves all and it is His Will that None of His Children Perish.  Salvation is measured in the condition of the heart.  Salvation is to those who have found peace in God and know living in Him/Her/It is far better than living in the flesh.

Also salvation has come to those who will learn that following God is to follow our true heart and there we find peace.

Living by The Holy Spirits lead us to follow our own heart.  But if the heart is corrupt how great is that corruption.  The heart must be exposed to the light and The Life and heal.

If a man cannot face himself how then will he face God who is The Truth in Truth?

Children to know one’s self is the stepping stone to knowing Father more intimately.

Self deception is the #1 Lie that separates us from God.

Solution:  Pray to God to work the 12 steps by the sword of Truth.  DO IT.

Solution: Work the 12 Steps in the semantics you can abide.  Work them in the Spirit and in Truth unto the depth of your very soul if there is time.  Go back, go back to your original trauma that you have since minimized and deny.  Expose all your hidden hurt,shame, guilt, fear, and resentments toward Father.  Now expose all the hidden resentments, and all the hidden fears that cloud you minds.  Erase all the lies and start over, find yourself and then be who you really are.  Take off the mask of social carving that told us all we were bad and wrong it was a lie.

Solution:  Repent and pray ye be not deceived.

Solution: Confess your sins/shortcomings one to another and pray one for another that ye may be healed.

Learn why the great harlot preaches not to meditate in Christ.  Learn why the Beast Harlot calls the very Crystals that Heaven are made up of “evil, wicked, and satanic”.  Learn why your greatest spiritual tools on Earth are called “evil” by the Great Harlot.

Be Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

I am sorry to say children of God, you may not have the time to shed the lies of an age.  Repent it may be all you can do is just repent and ask God that ye be not deceived.

[To Those who see the changes to those who see the Bible Changes and to those who see the split of time and two realities at play.

You are those who have shed the beasts crushing lies about who you are and what the world is.  The knowledge of Truth is grievous and a burden especially now when you look toward the beast and the holocaust at hand.  Yes its grievous.  Use the tool of thanksgiving.  Come to where God is and give thanks.  come to where God is and show thanks for past miracles of deliverance.  This is a mighty tool to overcome grief of knowledge of the beast system. ]

Be not blinded by your own sight.  What the eye sees physically blinds the heart and mind to what is really there.

To those who believe but are unable to see the dividing of time and the two realities at play.  To those who do not see the bible changes yet believe in Jesus.

Sheep if you do not see the mandela effects and you knew the bible well but see that nothing in it has changed then I must tell you now you have fallen under the strong delusion.  Your belt of Truth is OFF.  Even while you hang on desperately to your helmet of salvation the rest of your armor is not worn.  This is why you cannot be in the army of God and you will not evolve with the first transmutation.

If you think its okay for the bible to read “hate your family” then what is truth to you?  If that’s not what that means then how is ANY STATEMENT determined and interpreted by its meaning?  IF HATE DOESN’T MEAN ‘HATE’ AND ‘FAMILY’ DOESN’T ‘MEAN FAMILY WHERE IS THIS SKEWED BIBLE DICTIONARY THAT YOU HEARKEN TO?

2Co 11:4

For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.



See what 2 Corinthians says?  IT SAYS ACCEPT THIS NEW GOSPEL, BEAR WITH IT….WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!  You have been deceived and blinded by the beast and you simply MUST crack the sky and break free of this strong delusion lest it take you to your demise.

You who know right from wrong, quit applying different meanings to the English language and look at what your book now reads to you.

How is it that the blind sheep accept words to mean what they do not say?  Since when is it okay to have a lying bible guide you to a God of Truth, who is Truth?

Would Jesus give you a lying bible?  Jesus is The Truth.  Mean what you say and say what you mean.  Quit accepting the pack of lies.

I STUGGLE.  I STUGGLE WHY?  Those who accept the lies prefer the lies.  Here I am trying to turn you against that which you yourself PREFER.  Father forgive me please.  I must allow these sheep their own choices and free will.  They have the right to prefer and choose the lie.  This is the benefit of free will, the benefit to refuse Truth.  To refuse Truth is to refuse Jesus Himself.

When did “believe in” turn into “believe on”?  “Oh that was always that way!”  Was it?

When did “The Son of God” turn to “the son of man”?

When did “God did good and blessed men” turn to “God did and brought much evil”?   When did “God =good, Satan= bad” get skewed?

If God does evil then we too must follow and do much evil as well, right? Who is this new God in the book?  Who is this new Jesus they preach with seven times seven confusing names that have not been proven to power?  Can you see the times your in?

My sheep are blind and lost, they follow after a book of idols that teaches hate and legality instead of Love and Spirituality.

My sheep are lost in realm of lies because……wait for it…..they preferred lies over Truth.

When did “Hate your family” become a precept of God?

“Oh that’s not what that means”.  They scream.  Oh really?  Have you opened your dictionary to the words “hate” and “family”?  You cannot unring that bell.  If you follow the new bible KJVB full of “hate”, “whores”, and all manner of new words and new spellings and crooked grammar you too will become crooked and twisted by it.  The author of confusion is rewriting the bibles.  KNOW IT.  The other translations are just as corrupt full of words like “stupid” and “ugly”. “Jonathan you stupid son of a whore” screams the king.

The man who has lost his ability to cry and cannot process emotional pain must now make his own reality.  He forms the world by that which he can see and tolerate for he is absent of emotional processes.   Faith in God makes all things tolerable.

The human eye is carnal and can be easily tricked by Satan.   If a man judges life and the world by his human eye he is deceived by that which he sees.

This is why The Holy Spirit will guide us into all Truth and will not lie to us.

Only those who can bear Truth see and accept Truth.  How does one bear Truth?  You must know how to rely on God and you must know yourself and the processes of emotions that allow you to cry and share and speak Truth no matter how it looks or how it feels.  Its okay to moan, cry, grieve, and lament the evil at large.

If truth in weeping endures for the night joy will come in the morning.

The man who denies grief and weeping from expressing itself, he denies his own heart.  This pain will come out sideways if it doesn’t come out in tears and moans.

The Shutting down of human emotional grieving processes is the root of most depression and anxiety of today.

The beast has told you that grieving is self pity and bad.  The beast has even taken the death of a loved one and made to it a celebration of life.  To deny the hearts grief is to crush the soul and hand oneself and issue of rage.  This rage then crushes Love while the hurt and pain cries to be expressed the intellect rages for it to be silent.  Why?

Rage is attributed as power

Hurt is attributed as weakness

Therein lies the deception.

Why?  Because “in weakness WE ARE MADE STRONG”.  To disallow emotional weakness in ourselves in turn denies us the very strength that we so often seek and pray for.

Did not Jesus appear weak and vulnerable on the cross?  And yet His act of Love to save the entire world of people made Him the Strongest of all Spiritually.  For there is no greater works that a man can do than to lay down his life for his neighbor.

Jesus said “I call you my BREATHREN” NOT FRIENDS PEOPLE, NOT FRIENDS we are His Breathren.

“Oh but that isn’t what the scripture says!”  Hmm not it doesn’t does it.  Yet that is what His words were and so the book has been changed without your knowledge.  What does your heart tell you about this scripture?  Friends of Breathren….breath His very body.  Even the spelling has been corrupted to say brethren.

Is your God supernatural or not?  Is your spirit supernatural or not?  Is your soul everlasting or not?  How is it a believer cannot see the book itself has been dramatically changed?  How is it?

Those who cannot take the Truth cannot look.  Know this, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN at this point, ANYTHING.

God is Love.  Jesus came into the world that by Him the world could be saved and of course those in the world.  The 144 know who they are already they do not need council from me.

Those who pretend they are bullet proof and are not bothered or believe its a shame to cry, hurt, grieve, share pain….these are the deceived.

All Emotions are of God Including Anger No emotion is a Sin.  Only actions are sin.  There is a sin that takes a man to his death or death of others.  There is sin that puts  a man in bondage.  There is sin that a man denies and covers. Denying a sin is more destructive than the sin itself.  Why?  If you had not denied your sin you could have repented of it and asked God to help you to overcome it.

For God has given both the happy emotions and the sad emotions to be processed by expression in their time.  To everything their is a season.  Consider not happiness as more spiritual than sadness for this too is a lie and a deception to cause those in paid to suppress their hearts truth.

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  1. Thank you. I feel sad for not trusting God and letting people fool me. I am proud and arrogant and have been humbled by my iniquities.

    Praise to Him Most High.

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