Explanation of Mandela Effect for the Chosen Few

You May Be Chosen and Few

If you found this webpage….quit doubting that your special to The Father.  No longer let the beast tell you its vain and a sin to know who you are in Christ being that you are one of the 144.  Keep seeing the number everywhere do you?  Had visions about it that you reason out may be your imagination..?  Its good that you check yourself.  However we are in end times and God is finally showing us who we are in Him.  Not better, just different.  Don’t feel like a “bride”?   That’s cause you already knew The Father before you were human.  The bride is different lot than the 144.  One four four are less gullible, even less lovey dovey.

Warriors are not supposed to be lovey dovey.  The 144 are loyal, relentless in battle prayer, they are resilient as they have come out of GREAT tribulation already, already.  They speak in other tongues already, MANY other tongues.

Hence the song they will know that others don’t.  If your the bride of Christ that’s just as good.  The Bride is full of Love.  She is faithful in her Love for God & Jesus.

If your a sheep…lets hope your in Truth and have not dropped your belt as so many have who have fallen under the strong delusion.

The Mystery of the Mandela Effect

The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom and walked the night alone.

Dance in the dark of night.

Dark Lord rides in force tonight.  Time will not tell, time will not tell.  History is deceiving us.  History has lied to the many.  The frequency that is memory has been raped.  The Dark Lord has Raped Truth as he has been invited into the sacred temple.

Those who have invited the dark lord into their temple are greatly deceived.  The D.L. has raped their memory, uploaded the frequency called memory and downloaded the false history of memories to implant.

The Serpent’s wheel downloads change upon change to the true history of the people.  The wheel owns their memories.  Since its History and NOT CHANGING TIME the wheel doesn’t have to time travel or go back in time.  That would be real and not an illusion.  Changing history is the strong delusion and since the minds of the many are so powerful is it their very belief that makes the changes in the natural?  Example Bible changes?  We think not.  The many never knew what the KJVB said to begin with so what then?  How does the Serpent’s wheel change History?

Using the nine elements, eight wheels within a wheel.  Eight wheels within a wheel.  What are the elements?  The wheels work together w/ the quantum computer to defy history and control nine elements with nine wheels nine frequencies nine parts of reality.










Each has its frequency.  Each altered in unison.  Each played like a violin with natural waves.  Sin or Sine?  Sin waves deceive.  As the temple is breached.  Those who have not invited the beast in hear the ringing of the bell.

What then????  What then??? How did they invite the D.L. into their temple?

The invitation.  Saton IS The Father of Lies.  His children side with the lie.  The lie comforts and protect the children of darkness.  They have been deceived however they have always had a choice to turn away from the lie.  Their free will was never taken.  They have made their choice.   There is no white lie only black dark deceptions that open the gates for infestation.

Little by little the goats were deceived by their own lies.  Meaning each time they deceived someone out of fear or greed, or insecurity they themselves became more deceived by the D.L.

Until finally the deception is made complete.  Cognitive dissonance and closed mindedness are symptoms of the invasion.  The programming of their mind is full


BUT WAIT.  Everyone can see some of the Mandela Effects if they take the TIME to look.  (The paragraph is given to Jazweeh in a dream. Jazweeh does not know what it means or if its even true, she shares all her dreams and visions.)


YES, why?  Because some of the changes are not covered by a change to the history of the mind.  If they look they see.  These are the changes that are end times sign and wonders so people will be saved by witnessing miracles.

The deep and diabolical changes that are Antichrist driven and blasphemous in nature in the KJVB, these mass changes like the phrase “Son of Man” reversing the deity of Jesus that very few will ever see or understand.  Furthermore regular men in Bible are referred to as such.  So the deep blasphemous changes (not the exposed changes that most see like Lion & Lamb, Lords Prayer) mean that the serpents wheel has allowed people to see certain changes in accordance with the plan of God for end times signs and wonders.  Pride false pride is why the serpent revealed its power.

Only the elect can see the deep and blasphemous changes to the KJVB along with certain serpents.  By this confusion of M.E. situational differences the elect are well protected by the variation.  The M.E. may have been expected to expose the elect….but it did not.

More details of 144 in depth


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  1. The term ‘Son of Man’ is a covenant exchange. It’s not sexist. Sonship holds promises that servants would not have. The Son of God became the Son of Man, which is the second Adam prophecies of. In turn we who were sons of man or Adam or the flesh can now make a covenant with God and have that exchange of Sonship and become ‘sons of God’ which 1 Thes 5 talks about. Because we are sons of the light we are sober and awake and do not walk in darkness.

    Also refer to Chuck Misslers teaching in the 4 gospels. Each represents like the cherebum the head of man so I think it’s Luke that always refers to Jesus as the son of man. The ox refers to him as servant. The lion of Judah in Matthew which even shows a different geneology coming from the line of Judah. The eagle which is where he is referred to as the Son of God.

    There is a reason for this term. It’s not Mandela effect. Although I don’t disagree with the existence of M. E.

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