Is Reincarnation Real? End Times Visions

Death, The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse that was Death.  I met Death, he had no power over me.  He kneeled before me to serve me by ushering me into the next life.  “Death is my Servant.”  I wrote about this vision in my book.

“Death is my Servant”  Vision of Death

Why am I sharing my vision of death?  “Is is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgement”.  Oh yes….the judgement, the judgement that does not contradict other Spiritual events that could happen to a soul after he dies.

Now my fellow Christians PLEASE!  Do you not know you have been GREATLY DECEIVED by the Beast system at large?  Please allow what I am about to say a time of consideration and prayer.  YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO ALL YOUR LIFE.  The Beast doesn’t want you to be saved by Grace & Faith. The Beast wants you to come with him to Hell where he has power over you.

Hindu Belief in The Bimba (Divine Presence of God)

NOW….I have found that the Hindu’s have many truths in their doctrines which have been stolen from Christians and visa versa.  How do I know?  Because The Holy Spirit IS the authority and my teacher.  The Spirit has shown me things that only the Hindu believe, to be true.

The first Truth was when I saw a white train coming toward me that rushed through my body and borrowed my “Bimba” for a time.  Bimba: God’s Divine Presence IN ALL even Atheists have it.  You lose that for a time YOU KNOW IT.  It is to me my sense of God’s presence that I took for granted.  It is the feeling that all is okay and will be okay.  I cold NOT live long without the Bimba.  Without the Bimba a STRONG FEELING OF HOPELESSNESS descends upon the body and YOU WILL WANT TO DIE in time.  I experienced the loss of the Bimba for about a half hour.  It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life.  This I assure you.

Only The Hindu talk of The Bimba as being “Divine Presence of God”.

NO!!!! THIS IS NOT THE HOLY SPIRIT, as I said ALL MEN HAVE THIS Divine Presence UNKNOWINGLY they have the benefit of one deposit of their Creator in them.  Also “Each Man is given a measure of Faith”.  What you do with that Faith is your choice.

The Ocean of Souls

This process of reincarnation is called samsara according to the Hindu’s is, a continuous cycle in which the soul is reborn over and over again according to the law of action and reaction. At death many Hindus believe the soul is carried by a subtle body into a new physical body which can be a human or non-human form (an animal or divine being).  You may think that reincarnations belief is evil somehow…at least if you have been indoctrinated into the fake evils of Christianity that are not actually bad.  Things like “meditation in Christ” or “Essential Oils” and paying attention to Earths blessings and how to use those blessings of plants.  After all Pharmakeia, big pharma witchcraft wants you beholden to them and their toxic poisons.  Oh sure they have a few items that actually work but most will kill you with side effects.  Not to mention the slumber they induce.

Do not Hope in Religion You MUST SEEK GOD with your Whole Heart.

The Hallway of awaiting the Final Judgement

Father gave me many visions.  There is a great hallway that leads both up and has doors toward the down. These are places of both freedom and judgement.  Heaven and Hell, The Grave vs. The Light of Life.  The great hallways holds men small and great who have died and are waiting for their judgement.  There are two great doors that lead to Hell and purgatory.  YES PURGATORY.  No I am not Catholic, JESUS is my Savior.  He delivered me, healed me, saved me, and filled me with His Holy Spirit.   I had the vision of purgatory and hell that was an out of body experience just after my Holy Spirit Baptism.

The Saints will Judge the Nations

Last night I saw the “Ocean of Souls” clearly as a vision in the sky during prayer.  The night before the vision of the ocean of souls I was given a lesson by an angelic teacher.(I believe)

There was a man who died.  He has been a preacher set in power and authority by The Beast System itself.  He was told what to say and he was put through scholarly courses of The Bible King James Version.  The man, well loved by Christians, I once thought he was the greatest preacher I had ever heard.  He had a way of mixing science with Bible unlike any I had known.  I was blind.  Oh what a happy day!, I thought, “Finally my indoctrination of the planets and rotating ball of the earth were sweetly validated by this man….so I could be friends with the world and with my Bible!

Wise was the man and learned of the things of this world.  He made no bones about stealing another man’s work.  Obviously he did not live according to the principles he preached if the articles about his debaucheries be true to light.

With a master’s degree in engineering, a miser of tech companies, I wonder what exactly his education or inspirations if any was on Theology.  Pretty sure he was a “Yashua” cowboy (meaning “Joshua” in Hebrew).

Nevertheless this man I speak of, a preacher, concisely and with entertaining presentation joined The Beast’s cosmology of spinning ball earth jointly connected with Biblical topics of prophecy and salvation.

The Vision

Knowing the man is passed (according to beast system information) I was thinking of the man during meditation.  An angel said to me “the called according to His purpose shall judge the many.  It is your job to judge this man according to his deeds.”


I said to the angel I did not want to judge him because by that yardstick I too would be judged, and I fear being judged according to my sins.  The angel said with God’s authority “do not doubt what Jesus did for you, and that your sins are forgiven, and you are washed clean.”  “Though your sins be red as scarlet, they are white as snow.”

My Father seldom if ever reprimands me verbally yet this time I did feel reprimanded for fearing my sins were still looming over me somehow.  I was wrong and repented.

The Judgement of a Spirit & Soul

So I was then shown the man’s deeds.  He was a preacher who led many astray into error and confusion.  He led people into lies concerning Earth and lies in many other areas of doctrine.  He was pomp, he was vain, and his entire ministry was ethically based in making a profit.   He mocked the truly spiritual.

The man had a clear agenda given to him by those he worked for.  They made him very rich.  They also gave him the 12 pieces of silver.  He was bought and paid for made to tell the stories of lies mixed with deep truth which he himself was fed and began to believe lies himself.  He was evil and did not believe in Jesus at all never did.  He never repented nor did he feel guilt for his actions of betrayal.

God had already thrown the man into a Hell type place to await judgement.

For some reason this man did not go to the same hallway to await judgement where people stand in line and wonder waiting to be judged.  They don’t really even know that they are dead.  They are in the hall of statis in a state of minor awareness coupled with blind emotionless existence.  They stand in the hellway hallway of judgement waiting their turn to receive their sentence at the last trump.  The doors to hell are off the hallway they are thick and Iron.  For more on hell & purgatory see my vision of Hell.

This man should have NEVER become a preacher in life because he would be in the hallway waiting judgement instead of his prehell status.  But because he chose to steal from God’s people he is under a more stringent path of judgement.  Stealing The Truth of God from God’s children is a horrible crime.

I saw the rich man, the X preacher/businessman, tech engineer being thrown and ripped by some giant demon who was torturing him in a place like Hell.   It was a sort of pre-hell. He didn’t rate the hallway with the rest of the people waiting judgement.

I asked the angel to set him aside in a cage where the creature could not taunt and suffer him and she did.  I watched him in the cage as he seemed to have lost his mind.  His eyes were demonic.  The demons he carried on earth now had full possession of him.  However God is not ruthless, his senses seemed dulled as if he fit the place he was, he fit the place he was.

Still it was hard for me to watch him being tortured so I asked the angel to set him in a cage.  I also asked, “what are the choices concerning his judgement”?  It was too late for him to repent.  Repentance and salvation are by faith through Grace toward humans.  When you leave your body you are no longer human therefore the offer and opportunity for repentance is no longer available.

The options for a man headed to Hell

The angel spoke, “Either he can be sentenced to Hell and at some point possibly have the opportunity to enter the ocean of souls and be born once again of the which time hopefully he will be saved by Faith.  OR He can at this time be sentenced to utter annihilation”.  I suppose that annihilation means the lake of fire.

I thought to if he doesn’t spend at least some time in hell his soul is lost and utterly destroyed.  If he gets punished in Hell for his horrible sins that hurt many innocent children of God he has a chance at some point to give it another go.  Apparently the ocean of souls is real and so is reincarnation.  So I thought it to be more merciful to send him to Hell in hopes he will end up in the ocean of souls again, by Grace or by the cycle of Grace.

The Ocean of Souls and Reincarnation

Apparently the Hindus are right about getting the chance over and over to be saved.  After all is it not God’s desire that none should perish but that all will come to the knowledge of Jesus.  Would God not supply a way for another chance?  Furthermore Christian knowledge has been stolen.  The Bible is corrupt and the sacred scrolls kept from the slaves…us.  The controllers hoard sacred knowledge like money.  They are as their father the father of lies.  If they can get away with it, they lie.

So I had a vision the night before of an ocean of souls.  I saw it plain as day in the night sky.   Many stories are being told in the night sky for those who look and see (2019 Nov.).

My confirmation of the vision was given by the angel that yes…the ocean of souls is real.

My first decision was to throw him into hell with the possibility that he could be born into another body and repent and be saved.  However, what about those he abused and lied to?   What if he does the same thing again?  Would he be different this time.  Is it random?  The angel said clearly, “all men are given the same measure of faith and have the same opportunities to be saved…all men.”

The only thing he would bring with him into a new body would be his spirit and his soul.  It would still be him.  The demons would detach from him once he came out of hell and got thrown into the lake of souls.

So…if I was to judge this man I simply MUST consider other people around him and what I should do with the thoughts that he may hurt many people all over again and lead more people astray.

Not to mention…being in hell is a miserable existence…utter annihilation is less violent more humane in some ways.  How many lives had he already had I thought?

The man had 485 lives spent and not sought God yet.  Due to his last life’s sins he stands before God at the final judgement.  He should probably be forfeited his other four lives I thought, to spare the flock from him.  This judgement thing is much harder than I thought.  I did not want the job.

Those who judge are those who will put themselves in the place of the man they judge.

Reconsidering my past decision to send him to hell hoping for another chance I reconsidered.  If I was so evil after 485 life lessons and did not seek God…surely I must be defective or evil or reprobate of soul if that is possible with a contentious and bitter spirit of sorts.  I would prefer annihilation into nothingness never knowing I ever existed over a life separated from God.  How is it men have the Bimba, God’s precious divine presence in them, one and all and yet have no desires to seek Him their Creator who they are a part of.

WHY!!!!   I struggled to understand why some men seek God diligently and others have no interest in their Creator.  My best friend thinks its a sign of emotional weakness to seek God.  That more or less we are just biological beings, accidents.  He favors science over Creation.  He favors the lie over Truth and since he won’t seek God he will not find God.  He has already written off the possibility of God and left our Creator for the weak minded and emotionally needy humans like me apparently.

What prey tell is this block that he has encountered?  Is the prospect of Hell the reason men reject God all together.  I don’t know but I went there, I went there.

I learned something else from the angel that means the man may require “Final Judgement” due to our late hour.

The angel told me that the last generation is the same generation as the first.  God only made a certain number of human souls.  These souls have been incarnated, many of them over and over.  Furthermore there is mention in the Bible of those who persecuted Jesus being on the Earth during the end times as well.

I do not know how many souls and how many times they/we have been reincarnated but it makes sense that if there are 8 billion on earth now (according to the beast system’s count) anyway there are probably really 7 billion or less on Earth alive now.  Most likely those souls in the graves, sleeping and in the hallway of judgement have gotten their limit on reincarnations.  Perhaps after 490 lives 7×70 we have to face the final judgement and that is why the dead will be resurrected.  This also explains that the earth was always enough for ALL people and so will the new earth suffice for all those on it.

What about End Times Babies?

What about babies born in these final days? They don’t get to make the decision to accept Christ, how would they be saved? The babies who are born in the last days will be raptured.  They are a special breed of souls.   They won’t have to grow to adulthood.  In their last life apparently they commited the “greatest act of Love” a human can commit.  They died that another man could live.  They gave their life for another.  They took the bullet for their brother.  They put themselves in front of an ongoing mack truck to save someone’s life.

There is not greater works that a man can do than give their life for their neighbor so their very heart condition has saved them from death and hell.  These selfless people are saved from the suffering of the great tribulation.  The great tribulation is to bring in the unbelievers in hopes that the suffering of the apocalypse will FINALLY prompt them to seek God.  But unfortunately many even then will not seek their Creator.

Resurrection of the Dead

If all 105 billions souls ever born are going to rise from the grave that’s just way too much

I remember thinking 6,000 years of new souls is way too many souls for even Heaven and Earth to manage & hold.  But God did not create that many souls after least I believe.  Instead the first generation even before the great flood and many more souls have been reincarnating over and over in hopes that none would perish.  I would guess that this explains why there are only 144,000 of the elect.   And that the number of the bride is probably also a small number.  And instead of trillions upon trillions of souls being constantly born and then disposed of into graves soon to be resurrected…the same souls have actually been living and dying over and over and over in hopes they would come into their Creators world of Love for HIm.

So if every soul gets 490 lives we can divide 490 by the number of people born on earth through all time.  Next we can look at the six categories of spiritual conditions of men on earth and see that though many souls have been created really very few will end up with The Father.  And we/they had way more chances to be saved than we thought they did.  That leaves approximately 214,285,714.   Two hundred and fourteen million, two hundred & eighty five thousand, seven hundred & fourteen souls born in all time (not counting infant mortality).  According to the numbers on Wiki that say 105 billion souls born since the dawn of time.

So around 214 million souls to be judged while right now supposedly there are 8 billion on earth.   The numbers seem lopsided because of the reincarnation factor of 490 lives per person having the same soul in 490 different bodies.  Lets face it the body is temporal the soul is eternal but God can annihilate the eternal soul, you beat your sweet bippy He can.

There are Six Categories of Spiritual Condition of Humans on Earth

  1. Those who follow the beast’s religion and never really gave their heart to God.  They accept Jesus in word only because that is what they are told to do like in school.  This is the extent of their spirituality.  They may even go to church every Sunday and give to the poor.  But never have they sought God with their whole heart.  On the contrary, they hide themselves from God.  They obey man according to religion.
  2. Those who get saved by seeking God with their heart, they confess, repent, but then they fall away never offering God more than lip service with a prayer here and there.  They just have no hunger for God so they do not learn to Love Him.  They miss out on learning from Him and going deeper and deeper into His World.
  3. Those who worship themselves because they feel they are god and others should bow to them and serve them.  These people are not capable of giving anything.  They cannot give.
  4. Those who worship Satan & by choice they serve evil.  Usually some greed or desire prompts them to make a deal with the devil.  These are power hungry or desire fame & fortune.   Demons serve them and eventually consume them by seduction.
  5.  Those who worship lesser gods.  Lesser gods are fallen angels who also command worship and supply those who worship them with certain benefits, amenities for their worship.
  6.  Those who worship the One True God The Father and Jesus His Son.  There is but one way to the Father even those who give their life and are saved go through Jesus as they have copied what Jesus did but on a small scale.

214 million divided by the 6 different spiritual conditions is 35666666.  Hmm alot of sixes there.  Ya we don’t know what the % split would be on these spiritual conditions as if all Two hundred and fourteen million, two hundred & eighty five thousand, seven hundred & fourteen souls born in all time would be divided by 6 evenly to fit into these six categories.  Hmm.


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  1. im in one of the 6 conditions of spiritual states….and its not the last one. is it too late for me to turn this around?

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