Very Few if Any Will Notice The Rapture

We believe The Rapture is only for the Few

Many are called but few are chosen.  I believe all the chosen are from the tribe of Judah meaning “Leo”.  Every Leo will be taken home for 3 1/2 years those who know them may not even notice they are gone.  They may or may not fall under yet another strong delusion and not miss them.

The rapture will likely happen from 23 or July to August 22nd 2021.  If these are the right Leo dates.  All the chosen are Leo and they made choices that predestined them to be chosen.  As a retro but not causality.  Only the templates for the chosen were predestined. The choices were planed but those who would step into the template was not predestined.

The masses of Christians are either asleep or half asleep.  Pretty sure those who have the armor of God see the supernatural Bible changes. And also they see the prophesies being fulfilled moreso now than not.  Meaning most prophesies are already fulfilled and the masses do not see it so why would they see the rapture of the elect?

Its not going to be like in the movies where every child is taken.  None of the prophesies are panning out like the preachers said they would.  Rather they are panning out and they are true but not like we thought.  Not like we thought.

When the rapture happens likely in July-August 2021 God will be removing His Holy Spirit from earth.  That means all the Revelation 12 intercessors are going.  It means the army of God are going.  It means those who go before the throne regularly now, are going.

God doesn’t go by men’s rules or men’s traditions.  The chosen few are not as you would expect them to be.  Demon killers who demolish dark entities do not tend to be mamby pamby.  The power to see entities and send them to hell or blow them up has for some a side effect of anger.  To see the beast so clearly in society also has a side affect of anger.  “Be angry and sin not” is the script we lean on.  Perhaps they are also angry because they are human and do not pray by the gift of dialects on high as much as they should.  Travail for souls stopped about 4 years ago.  For four years those who travailed have been sending out the greatest prayer of all.

The announcement of Jesus’ return being “soon”.

I do not know what affect all those who have The Holy Spirit have on earth.  I don’t know if the result of them all leaving Earth will mean great havoc to come.  We shall see.

I don’t think a soul will notice that the 144,000 chosen few are gone from Earth.    But perhaps at some point their memories will be restored.

I, we already see their memory loss in other areas.  We already see their loss of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

What?  Those who cannot be trusted with the knowledge of evil, the knowledge of evil is being withdrawn from them.  We see this already.

Prophecy is not happening the way the preachers predicted.  But the fulfillments are many and the elect do see them.


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  1. Sorry but you are incorrect… I am in a group of priests that are called by Yah as harvest workers (first fruits) and we aren’t all Leo’s. I am from the tribe of Judah (this was given to me thru Holy Spirit) and I’m not a Leo … just wanted to clarify this. I appreciate what you’re doing here but this particular info is incorrect.. Yah bless !

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