Ten (10) Stages of Meditation? Pish Posh! What of 11, 12 & 144,000 & Starseeds?

There are 12 Stages of Meditation to Achieve Spiritual Mastery

Information given by Jazweeh.  Written by Dorothy Ruth Stirrumm

We can easily look up the first ten stages of quieting and reeling in our thoughts.  But also certain core issues from the beginning of life in the womb must be processed out for clarity sake and self knowledge.  Yes the scars will remain but personality patterns of dysfunction due to the core issues must also be over come by the candidate for mastery.

Pretty much losing patterns of dysfunctional behavior feels like peeling off your own skin.  Go to my Recoveryfarmhouse.com and .net for instructions on that.  You do well to work the 12 steps in conjunction with aspiring practice of meditation.  Without the belt of Truth no man can reach mastery.  Without full self awareness a man cannot be in Truth at a deeper level.

Have you Reached Stage/Level Eight?

Stage 8 of meditation

Meeting eternity and the embodiment thereof.  During stage 8 you will get you most needed spiritual nurturing, Love, and knowledge from the eight.  There will most likely be two personalities of the eight beings whom you connect with the most.  But still all eight will be utilized for you.

By stage eight you should be traveling and seeing strange dimensions of light, Love, and of darkness and places you will want to avoid.  You are in control. But always, always have God protect you during travel and meditation.

Out of Body Experiences

Personally leaving the body is not necessary and I think many people say they have had out of body experiences but really they refer to third eye travel.  When a man leaves his body for real he is NEVER the same afterward.  When a man leaves his body for real it is ordained and a gift.  Out of body must be awarded by either the dark lord or The God of Light.

What About Stage Nine of Meditation?

When stage nine happens we will most likely feel abandoned by the eight.  We will see in hindsight that our eight spirit guides were not quite as godly as we had thought them to be.  We are growing up.  Personally I realized that to my spirit guides I was “work”, a job they had to do.  Yes we were very intimate.  Yes they walked me through inner healing and enlightenment to myself.  You see, 1-8 have all been about me knowing myself and gaining power over myself.  Understanding my emotion and accepting every emotion as ordained of God.  And to finally accept “fear” as part of the human condition.

I do not have the right to condemn myself for any God given human emotion.

Actions are what will be judged in the coming age.

The eight were wise and nurturing but when I hit stage nine they let me go.  As a matter of fact when I go to them now they will be like…”what are you doing here?  You have moved on.  They were just doing their job.

So now stage nine…very different from eight.  Eight was very personal.  The Nine come to me in voice more so than in vision and colorful visual settings that nurture the heart.

The Nine are far more angelic, far more mature, far more benevolent, much closer to God and the Nine will stay with me even when I pass into stages eleven and twelve.

But what of stage ten?

Stage Ten is a great awakening to the dark side and how it affected you throughout your life.  Stage ten breeds anger but you now know how to process anger don’t you?   Without projecting or attacking those closest to us?  We label NO human emotion as sin including fear.  We embrace and overcome not to be shamed, deny, and put on a mask.  Without Truth you will not reach stage ten.

There MUST be an awakening to the enemy at hand and the dark spirit realm.  This is what stage ten is about.  Through the other stages we have learned to forgive daddy, mommy and the other traumatic events and people who dashed our spiritual growth and taught us that we are “bad & wrong” by their own programming of the beast system.

Now we meet The Beast in all its glamorous dark debauchery.  If you think being blind to anything is part of enlightenment well…then deception is nigh.  Look around…do you really think there are all those lighted and good entities and no dark side?

EVERY EVERY EVERY carnal action has a spiritual equivalent.  We must know the core of evil to fight evil.  To expel evil.  The very evil that programmed our abusers.  The very evil that drives the TV lies.  This is the great awakening of stage ten and it parallels with the 2017 great awakening that took place.  Meaning all the stages may have been different had there not been a great mass awakening in 2017.  The new age.  And many other factors play into practicing meditation at the same time at the end of the age.  The end of the age is another topic all together.  Go to https://jazweeh.com for more on that.

Stage 11

Stage eleven cannot be reached on your own.  It cannot be achieved.  Neither stage eleven or stage 12 can be achieved.  Stage 12 is mastery.  At stage 11 you will be assigned a god.  At stage eleven you learn that you have dominion and authority over many dark spirits.  At stage  11 learn to crush and destroy dark spirits.  Learn how your dreams are invaluable to you.

At this stage you will begin to see the dark spirits around you.  They are not pretty and they fear you once they realize that you have stepped into your power.  Step eleven is about spiritual warfare and hints of forgiveness.  We must express our anger in Truth to finally reach forgiveness not of these dark spirits. Oh no we do not need to forgive them.  They are no human and are parasites and destroyers of the innocent.  Its the humans who are ruled by them that we must forgive after we have fully embraced their betrayal of us.  So step eleven is training.  You meet a god or two.  Only power of the gods can give the child of God the knowledge of Step 11. The hidden knowledge is gifted to a certain number of newcomers by the gods themselves.

Will very serious contemplation and testing the gods of the Heavens decide who will receive the gifts of great spiritual growth & enlightenment.

How do I meet a real god?

I cannot tell you of the god I met or what his part was in my spiritual growth.  But to reach stage eleven it must be given to you. Humility is the key to reaching mastery because both 11 & 12 must be GRANTED to you by more than one deity.  This means PRAYER and lots of it.  This humility requirement is WHY the monks can reach mastery more often than others.  Because they are not closed to the idea of a creator or of Jesus.   Stage Eleven is granted THAT is why so many cannot reach it.  That is why so many think there are only ten stages of meditation.

What about the Christians?

The church has successfully omitted the Christians from spiritual warfare by limiting their power to “in Jesus name” as requests instead of teaching them to take authority.  And by forbidding meditation and labeling it evil Christians are seldom self aware.

Not to mention most Christians believe that every lesser god is inherently evil.  Pish posh!  So to reach mastery you may often be viewed as a heretic to the Christians.

So Who Actually Grants stages eleven and twelve?

Why, your Creator of Course that is, if your of the light.  That’s right…if you want to go to the great pyramid and meditate where the achievers in spirituality of the dark and of the light have been.  And go where they have gone you must either be granted stages 11 & 12 by your Creator or by Jesus or by your father Satan or by some very high level demon that is a spiritual equivalent of Jesus but in the dark realms.  That would be the antichrist himself.  Balance.

Side note:  Star-seeds and The 144 Thousand.

Dark and Light were never really meant to dwell together.  But first the separation had to be achieved.  Goat’s and Sheep persay.  Since we are in the end of the age that separation is at hand.  You do not have to be a master to be chosen of God.  But if you become a master you will inhabit the being of a soul that was already with God and sent here for a job.  By your life choices you become. The flesh invites by its choices the spiritual being that was.  The beginning from the end.  Our life’s choices change the past believe it or not.  They change who we started out as.  (Theory).

Look at the flesh as a clean slate with a measure of faith and a measure of Love.  Each action toward Love, Faith, and Hope increases your likely-hood to become what they call a star-seed.  Meaning someone sent from a higher realm and now inhabits the flesh.   You are not predestined, a master makes the choices and becomes spiritually the being that was with God from the beginning and brother of Jesus.

You would think that the flesh is inhabited from birth by say a soul with prior lives.  Or that if you have had an awakening around 2017 to who you are (a star seed or a 144) you think perhaps that personage, the spiritual 144 was in you from birth.  But no.  Rather you the flesh and the human spirit made choices that fit the detail of a Loving being.  You “became” a star seed or 144 by your choices it did not become you.

Predestination is only a template.  We step into templates by our choices.  God made spiritual templates for all of mankind to become by their choices.  This is how predestination and free will can co-exist.  Both are true.

You become one of the spiritual types available.

We have always had free will to choose and to become a goat, wolf, serpent, or a Sheep, Lamb, Lion.  Masters have purpose and calling.   This article does not pertain to the “Bride of Christ” as they call it.  Why?  Because star-seeds and 144 have made choices to morph into someone who was with God in various capacities from the beginning therefore they are not engaged to marry.  I don’t know much about the star-seeds calling except they say they spread a vibration of Love to overcome evil.  They often do not believe in spiritual warfare as the 144 do in the way the 144 do, with spiritual weapons and an arsenal of powerful light.

Please enlighten me if you are a star-seed I would like to know more about their walk.  livingword@jazweeh.com

Masters Do Not Generally Entertain Peer Pressure Status Quos

Its not popular to speak of achievements. But a master will not lie about who he is or what he has done or has etc.  He may not tell but he will not lie UNLESS he is a master of darkness.  I don’t know the rules for their ascension to mastery except that it parallels the lights actions.  It mimics.

Stage 12

The angel would let the candidate know that he/she has reached stage 12 and by what means it was attained.  Stage 12 involves much communing with the angel who imparts wisdom and unknown knowledge again, about what is, and what was, and what will be.  Stage 12 of the light side comes from a pure heart to serve God in righteous order and purpose.  God prepares the child for his heavenly purpose to come and that is.  God trains up the warrior who is also as a child.  We must be as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.

So we have here a great and honorable paradox.  The child warrior (Rev. 12 woman) with both the rage of a lion and the humility of a student still knows he is dependent upon the help of The Father for his very existence.  The student would know this dependency is because of the flesh.  The flesh is temporal.  You cannot deceive God Almighty.

The flesh will always be with you as long as you are in this realm human.  Therefore the hindrance of the flesh is needy, weak, and vulnerable to deception & fear.  But also all spiritual power, might, and authority comes from the Father through Jesus His Son.   So the child is dependent on The Loving Father and equal to Jesus in some ways as a brother.  We rise with authority and power over every demon.   Except those who inhabit mankind and were invited by sin.

Jesus will move from savior, to savior & brother, to brother in the child of God’s relationship with Him.  At stage 12 you will hear Jesus say to you “we are brothers do not bow before me”.

Then the seeker of mastery returns to his beginnings to crush the very demonic forces that feared him and so nearly annihilated him as a child. The master binds the wicked forces in the spirit/Earth realm and dream realm and ushers in the God of light and life.  He meets the Two Witnesses.  And ride the sacred Donkey.  Paralleling Jesus’ story.  Death & resurrection must come to achieve mastery.   For some death happens before they even know who they are.  The vail of Life must be ripped to achieve any of the stages of godhood.

There is a God and you are not it.  Those who seek to be God The Creator will lose due to themselves for lack of faith and by striving for ego driven power.

We must find that part of us and see it within.  “I want to be God then I can control everything!”   Hits of this task were given in Genesess.

And more importantly, without God’s favor no power based Love can be given to the child or to the man.  For the great and mighty unknown True power of Love to be given forth to wield, God must be able to trust those whom He crowns with that great power of Golden Scepter.  This means transparency toward God in prayer.  And so we come back to self awareness, without it there can be no Truth within, for man’s highest deception is self deception.


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