The Northern Angels Are Now Activated

Jazweeh has spoken a Word from Father We Believe

The Northern Angels were reserved for the end times wrath of God and for the protection of the sheep and the blind sheep.

This day 12-03-19 they were activated.  What does this mean?  According to Jazweeh it means its time for certain end time events to be carried out.  It means that Father is now doing things we have never seen before by angels that we do not know of being active before.   2020 is the year of Judgement.

The Northern Angels are not your average guardians.  They are strong, mighty, silent, dark, and only answer to the pre-ordained command of God.  The scrolls to activate these angels have been hidden for years but are now loosed.

Could it be that Jesus Himself loosed these scrolls to bring on new commands of a more powerful group of angels?  Very likely yes.  The war in Heaven is on and God has a strategy.

KNOW THIS God The Father DOES NOT make known His every move to humans especially not during war time, as the new corrupt scripture says.  As if God The Father has to ask permission from humans to make a move.

PLEASE KNOW the book (KJVB) has fallen hard.  Every line in the book must be tested to be shown authentic.  And not many authentic scriptures are left.  Amos 8:11-13 is here.

Seems these Christians today have no clue as to what a righteous God’s personality is like.  Christians side with an idolatrous book of “hate” 87 times, “whore” used to say harlot and the book exhibits of a deceitful God who hates,  lies, repents, and sins.  Its disgusting they have no clue the book has been changed as they side with debauchery and dysfunction.  Christians have chosen lies over truth and an idol over God Himself.

Clearly the only thing that will yank these people out of their slumber and backwards thinking is an apocalypse.  This is why the Norther angels are now active.

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