Tower of Babble-A Prophecy Not a Story

Somebody is in alot of trouble whoever made deals to change the bibles.  The Dark Lord’s time is short and he knows it.  Tribulation and woes are upon us.  Spiritual tribulation is here.  The day has come when we no longer travail for lost souls.  “Let the evil be evil still.” Not all the new scriptures are lies.

Let the blind men lead the blind into the pit.  Let the dead bury the dead.  May the God of Glory fill our hearts with Hope for the day of our promised New Earth is very soon.  The blessed Coat of many colors is already upon those who shall seed the New Earth.  The cleansing is finished as far as we can see.  2024 is on the way.  2024 by April’s end by April’s end.

“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

Rev 22:19
And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

Cell Towers Are the “Tower of Babble” to confound the people of Earth.

By Jazweeh the Seer

back scene’s are created inside of chicken eggs.  She is alone.  She did not take the scorpion sting apple bite.  She is alone in her awareness surrounded by those confounded by babble.  But not for long.


Confound their memories.  Confound their dialect.  Confound their discernment of good & evil.  Confound their biblical knowledge and all of their languages & words surrounding them.  Every language of the face of Earth is now being desecrated by the tower of babble.  But they do not remember.  They are CON-FOUNDED.

hacking your brain
They threw their crowns on the floor alright. But not in the way they understood the new desecrated scripture.

The story in Genesess goes that the people of Earth way back in the day (allegedly) were becoming to technologically advanced.  So advanced in fact, that God was worried. (1st red flag God is the Creator of mankind and doesn’t fear us.  So it’s likely the “Lord” written of in that passage is the Dark Lord.)

And so the people of Earth made their plans to build a great high tower to reach up into Heaven itself.  And now the books read that they also planned to build a great big city.  Anyway this skewed babble prophecy is fulfilled today and that is the only reason we now know what it means.

The cell towers that evil men who probably live a very long time on Earth built are confounding mankind alright.  These “cell” towers are sending out frequencies night and day to confound us all.  It tells us what we remember and it causes us to forget.  The towers probably are also connected somehow to CERN where Demonic communication has been achieved in a scientific/spiritual way.

The idiots (scientists) at CERN who made the covenant with many demons did so to obtain certain vital information about human cells.  Think – Stargate and the final symbol.  Namely the golden keys to the cell’s nucleus.  The final keys were needed to FINALLY overcome the pesky human IMMUNE SYSTEM.  That tidbit I received from a dream.

God didn’t make it easy for them.  The mad scientist’s task?  How to trick & deceive the human immune system into accepting foreign even beast (chimp, rat, pig proteins= DNA) & mRNA commands to the human genome to restructure the human body from the ground up.  Redesigning the man by outside source code.  Fast paced mitosis and cell expression is achieved by Cancer cell lines (immortalized cell lines) programmed with a purpose of design.  This Cancer is controlled & devised to cause bitter transformations.  “Mirahmeta” is God’s term for what is happening to those who took the shot.

Right now we have several very dangerous mind control technologies in play here.  This is why God said “if He did not shorten the days no flesh would survive.”  Yes that script has changed to “no one would be saved” but the latter is incorrect.

The brain cell towers of babble send frequencies to hijack our dream life.  Dream invaders with psychic abilities are invading dreams to control humans in real time.  The dreams seem to be bent on emotional beat downs.  Those with low self worth are much easier to control.

Holy bibles don’t include words like “stupid” and “whore”. But memories and discernment are history for the deceived Christians who call the desecrated vile books by Jesus’ Title name.

The prophesied wheel within the wheel is CERN’s machine.   The dark large refrigerator allow them to commune with demonic sources.  Make deals.  The covenant with many demons. (prophecy) The demons demanded the bibles be rewritten because too much Truth was revealed in the skewed holy books. And the men at CERN traded the bible for the golden keys to remake mankind in the image of the beast.

The men or demons are rewriting history without traveling back in time.  Time travel changes without actually having to send a human back to make the changes.  This part is likely achieved by the computer and cell towers.

With quantum computing they got the answers they needed to change history by the wheel within the wheel.  It changes reality literally when they rewrite history.  Men’s minds (most people) do not remember their REAL history.  Instead they will remember whatever the quantum wheel within the wheel tells them to remember.

It’s a combination of demonic spells, frequencies by human cell towers of babble and the wheel.  Throw in the dream invaders which work to lower self worth and trash self esteem in the many.  This system however that they have devised in controlling humans is breaking down.  I do not know how long they have been supplanting memories in humans.  But I do know that the prophecy of the “two time” and the “dividing of time” has occured.  How so?

Mandella effects are real.  People are not “mis remembering”.  But that’s now all, the strong delusion over Christians is very effective.  Their once holy bible has changed so dramatically in the last six years it is unrecognizable to those who remember.   Some are unaffected by this strong delusion that’s covering/hiding the grotesque and vile supernatural bible changes.

Welcome to my world.  Several people on youtube remember the bibles as they were and cover the ridiculous rewrites.  While the majority of Christians are being cast into a reprobate mine (as prophesied) by not only the cell towers and wheel device..but now we have the Locust from the pit and the winged abomination working against them.

The watchmen themselves can’t even see the changes.  Blind guides.  A waterfall of prophecy fulfillments are in plain sight.  But few people can see them or understand what they are.

The mark of the beast is in plain sight on the foreheads of men yet they overlook it.  Some men’s forehead look downright deformed.  Yet few see.  The scorpion sting prophecy is the vaccination that has BEAST DNA IN IT and cancer cell lines with a purpose.  Not to grow fast growth tumors.  No.  This Cancer is devised to cause bitter transformations.  “Mirahmeta” is God’s term for what is happening to those who took the shot

My God in Heaven the people are so confounded that they took the mark of the beast in their right arm (as prophesied).  The forehead mark is the spiritual God given seal or Dark Lord’s mark.  If you have the seal of God it shows as either a cross or as Jesus Himself standing on the forehead.

Shape shifting parasite Locust from the pit.

The Gentiles have so much debauchery working against them.  What about those who see all this stuff?  Israel.  They call them Israel vs. Gentiles.  God’s children His chosen few are the only ones who the Locusts was unable to consummate with.  They heard the flapping wings in the night and were well trained in Spirit to slaughter the demonic invisible (to human eyes) shape shifting parasite.  Are only Christians infested with the Locust from the pit?  No.  Anyone who had the mark of the beast at the time the winged abomination flew is infested.  God only knows where this will lead.  Their eye sockets are being consumed.  Their eyes are sinking.

Now the most powerful and most needed precepts of God can only be found in the hearts of those who Love His Truth.  As prophesied.

What is the part of the parasite Locust and winged abomination in all this debauchery?   The Locust is consuming the eye socket area of the faces of those they infest.   Hence their eyes will get dark and sink.  The winged bat creature perches on the hair feeding lies to the victim.  I can’t image what these people’s inner dialogue might be like.  Or perhaps their minds are soothed by being reprobate and silent.

What will Father do?  They chose the lies.  Those who Love God’s words are not under the strong delusion.  They still remember His Truth and they still know what blasphemy when they read it in the bibles.  God protects His children.

Israel The Children of God are part of His army.  He trained us to slaughter that Locust when it tried to consummate with our face.   Hell yes its scary as fuck but look at what God did for us.  He woke us up in 2017.  He showed us what was going on in prophecy.  He warned us of what is coming by giving us all the info many years prior in not only the previous bibles but also by dreams, visions and out of body experiences.  God confirmed everything for us time and time and time again.

He is coming to get us one way or another.  Weather it be now or later.  This Earth will not continue in the state its in because this is the harvest time.

The harvest of souls is upon us.  Choose a side lest ye meet the lake of fire which burns the soul to nothing.  And the spirit returns to God who gave it.



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  1. Hi Lane,
    I read the article today and the “Mirahmeta” caught my attention. Do you have further details you could share on this word? Thank you!

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