The First Shall Be Last & The Last Shall Be First. Message to the Five Families & Mr. Mars


And then the new age arrived with its magic changes.  Then that which was, was not and never was.  And that which was not now was.  In the minds of men history is skewed.  That which should not be and was not, now is and always was.

How long can the fabric of reality flutter like a butterfly before it tears wide open?  Why do they push and rip at the very foundation of life’s abundant daily bread?  Still the same old lie “and you shall be as God” exploits the power hungry plestos.


To Those Who Peddle Poison to the Masses To Mr. Mars Bar Especially,

Word Scrammble- CANDY=  Con & Infect 'CONFECTION' =Candy,This is what chocolatiers call candy, "confection" its true name is rooted in [to Con & to Infect] the masses, the slaves.  "KILL THE SLAVES THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM" they say.

I know what you have done to our history and how you have changed the words, times, and laws with your united wheels of power.  The five rings are but a wisp yet you worship them as if they were God.  The six rings (the dividing of time, two realities, two numbers are there six rings or five?  “Depends” or “Depend” on who you ask) the six rings/wheels have corrupted you by their gaze they seduced you like red wine. And by their vibrations your  mind is rendered reprobate.  Let’s hope some sanity is left in that head of dried bones and swort ankles.

There is a lake of death outside your house M.M. where the dead cry out day and night against you.  As Able’s blood cries from the grave so also does the blood of your many victims cry out for retribution.  Those who died of your product cry for vengeance, they cry by reason of betrayal and deception, for their children and for their lives cut short by you.  Do you think it a small thing to kill nations?  My Father hears their cries, He Loves them & me.

The edema you spread, the mother of all disease and forerunner of all death you make light of in your mind as being harmless.  Yet that edema is the foundational stone for the death of millions.  The body of death has two arms and two legs, by working in compartments your able to blind yourself and others to the real destruction you cause.

“Oh it’s just a little swelling, there are too many of them after all it’s the way of the world, the cycle of life they must die that others may live”.     “I can’t cross the beam lest they kill ME too”. Right?  Lest they kill you too?  We all have choices to make.


“THERE IS NO HELL” says the author of death, “ONLY MONEY, POWER, & RICHES”.  Is that what they told you….better look again at the books in the sacred safe, better look again at the books/sacred the ones that were under the red helmet so they are not changed/not corrupt.

Moreover, How do you know they didn’t use the rings against you?  How do you know they didn’t download your mind with new false, deceptive memories?  Maybe they took something from you that you needed, that you prized.  Maybe you showed too many signs of humane inklings toward the slaves & your pets.  What of the slave your loved?  What about her?  You broke the rules and they broke your heart.  What if they took your ring of power from you?  Then wiped your memory of it?  Perhaps your ring is false.

Are these not the words you use to justify your actions, “there are too many of them”?  Yet another voice rages up its head, haunting you, “what have I done, what have I done?”

This is your call to repentance Mr. Mars because “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.”  I was chief sinner, I too have committed horrible acts and had to face God with my whole heart and show Him all of me.  Please take this time to give your riches to the Truly poor and to repent and be saved.

Or did the Santa Claws programming win your heart?   The two deceptions one trauma on real.  Once traumatized by the Santa lies who will believe in Jesus on that same day w/same basic story?

For more info on how to change see “Paradise for the Hellbound” the book.(written prior to end times knowledge of how short the time really is.)

To the Families of Five Rings and their Holdings and Confections companies of old.  You cannot cannot stop the return of Jesus by your rings or your weapons.  Father has allowed the rings to be used.  Father ordained the fallen ones.  Father has known your plan from the beginning of time.  The Rings will fail, The Wheels will crash, the silver cord will break at the cistern and families will wail.  The Families will wail for loss of control and the caves of Antarctica will not hide them from Jesus who will land on TWO MOUNTAINS, TWO MOUNTAINS.  Not split one mountain.  I believe it was Mt. of Olives and Mt. Carmel but it could have been Sinai & Olives. Since the distance from Mt. of Olives to Carmel is 144 ml or kl it is probably Carmel. TWO MOUNTAINS ONE FOOT ON EACH.

You see, your rings have already failed as the chosen, the elect are impervious to the wheels great deception.  The belt of Truth far exceeds the power of the rings/wheels.

I WILL see you judged.  Do you think that my God will delay His coming at this point?  Do you think Antarctica can save you?  Do you?  Keep your hollowed ground and your divine land.

This article is mainly to Mr. Mars by The Holy Spirit.  Mr. Mars, who does not have long to repent of the poisoning of Nations by the ingredients of black waver that stint his poison chocolate.  Wake up!  Death is upon you.  It follows you.  Your coins that you think to be keys will be rejected by death.  The Croc with the long stick and barge will not take you to where you think your ancestors go.  Apparently someone prays for your soul even now.  I get it, you were born into it.  However we are all beholden to our choices.  We must see that we have been fed lies upon lies.  Generations of lies.  The elite must repent just as the slaves.

Is there a croc man?  Yes I have seen him myself.  He turned my own life’s barge at the utterance & command of the Most High God and Jesus His Son.  By that “turn me oh Lord & I shall be turned” my life changed dramatically for the better.  First I was angry at you Mr. Mars, when Father showed me your works for edema the king pirate of all great man made diseases Mr. Edema.  Yes I was angry and wanted you judged now rather than later.

Why would my Holy God want YOU in His kingdom, I thought….  Well apparently there is something in your heart worth salvaging to Him.  Oh you BETTER read on lest your own children suffer by lack of knowledge.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”  Says The Mighty King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

Satan is not your friend.  The blood you drank was poison to your soul.  Our soul is eternal Mr. Mars Jr..  And guess what?  The ocean of souls will not spit your out again.  Its too late, the end of time has come unto all men.  The chances upon chances of rebirth are nil UNLESS you commit the greatest act from your heart, from your heart. It won’t work if its not spontaneously done from the heart, sorry.

That you die to save another.  That’s the only action that brings salvation without going through the regular channels.  You will have to repent and accept Jesus as your Savior or contend with the Lake of Fire and the second death.

I see now this will not be published until 2021 well after the rapture of the elect I hope and at the start of the Great Tribulation.    So Mr. Mars and company I am assured that you will NOT even consider Jesus until you are faced with horrible calamity and apocalypses of fate.  Why this date?  You know that answer not me.

My Father says we shall be raptured after September 2020 or early 2021.  So 11,11,21 being the publish date of this I am writing it on 11-10-19 at 5:51.


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