The Great Tribulation is Here

On April 13th Jazweeh Saw the Angels of Wrath Descend Upon The Earth

Have you felt the foreboding mist in the air?  Last night I could not see past my nose in the night.  The sky was black as pitch.  The moon nowhere to be found.

But moreover the night prior the moon high in the sky was orange.  It looked more like a setting sun than a rising moon.  As I went forth in prayer I heard…The I am or His angel Margareet’ stated “soon you will see a great sign in the sky, sit and watch.”

So I sat in the dark night and watched as I wondered…”was this my own voice I heard?  Am I perhaps wrong about a great sign in the sky?”  Still I sat in wait.

I watched as the clouds moved faster and faster and then…I saw dark clouds smaller than the big lighter colored cloud formations.  Each dark cloud was travelling northward.  Each cloud appeared like an angel of wrath in the sky travelling toward its great task of the end days.

Angels of Wrath

I saw an angel of wrath that was to bring great bitter waters to the earth.  Also an angel to bring horrible wagons full of demonic anxt.   The dark angel carried behind it a wagon.  It was a dark bitter, ugly, and grotesque wagon.   The wagon was full of demons ready to smite men who do not have the seal of God with various illness, wounds, sores, and depression.

I saw more dark-angel looking clouds appear heading north.  Why North I thought?  They were headed for their task to begin in the North and come down moving Southward.  Demons of descension sped by.  I say “demon” but these were angels of God sent to do unseemly tasks that will bring men to their knees.  These angels will bring burdens upon men that will cause them to finally cry out to God in humility and Truth instead of hiding from God by putting on a mask to approach the Holy Spirit of Truth.

Their were angels of sickness, angels of the stirring of the waters that will bring great storms and black events using the oceans.

The Great Tribulation is Upon the World

Expect proof of this very soon.

There were angels of the winds to bring great natural anxt using the power of wind.  Onward onward they flowed black in appearance granting a feel of foreboding as they went.  Dissension in the grasp of some of them to cause men to fight one another.  And of course the black horse now rides…famine and more famine flew by.  More signs and wonders, more Mandela Effects and more end times signs the angels did carry with them.

Remember friends, the great tribulation is for two purposes.  One is to give God’s children the gift of desperation so they will finally scream to God in Truth and humility.

Second these angels of wrath shall pour out God’s judgement upon those who attach, poison, lie, & mock.  God’s wrath will ride on those who abuse His children.  Unfortunately, in good times of comfort and plenty most people do not seek God with their whole heart.

The 144,000

Why have the 144 come out of “great tribulation”?  This script in Revelation speaks of the 144 chosen of God.  Most read and think it means the great tribulations but not so.  The 144 have had a life of great tribulation that is why they sought God so fervently and so thoroughly that they are now mature in Christ.  The 144 have already come out of great tribulation that has caused those who were candidates to be the 144 to either curse God and die or to seek and accept God becoming clay in His hands.   Friends somebody had to go through Hell on Earth so they could be those who usher in the coming of Jesus.  If you saw a 144 in prayer or if they shared their beliefs 9 out of 10 label them satanists when they share the Truth that they know.

Milk is for babies, soft food is for young children beginning to get teeth and tough food is for the mature.  The children cannot palate the tough food that these 144 engage in.  However God Loves all His children and the sheep are not lesser than the 144 just different, just different.

And so, the sheep who are of Jesus but are nevertheless under the strong delusion as most sheep are unfortunately do not see what the 144 see.

What do the 144 see?  They see the dividing of time in realtime.  They see two suns two moons, two realities.  They see two histories.  One history is believed by the sheep though it is a false history downloaded into the minds of those who have dropped their belt of Truth.  We like to think the helmet of salvation is still on their head even though their belt of Truth is flat on the floor in front of them.  How do you keep the belt on?  Its simple but not easy, you don’t lie ever.  This is a hard task for those who are self deceived.  This is why we preach deprogramming from the beast system.  Most humans in the U.S. are not withing the singularity.  They have not learned who or how they are. They do not know their emotional defenses.  They cannot see their protective measures that require they engage in deception as we all have been programmed to do. The lie is their protection they feel though usually subconsciously.

Why Will So Many Miss the First Rapture?

Who would think that such a simple thing like Truth and self awareness could be key in knowing God and worshiping in Truth but it is.

This is why the great harlot preaches about therapy and psychology as if it were at odds with spirituality.  If a therapists helps you know your patterns of action and then know your true heart and to change for the better you then can come before God with the truth about yourself and be real with Him.

Meditation- The great harlot preaches vehemently against you meditating.  Why?  The beast wants you constantly in motion.  If your in constant motion and constant distraction then how will you know your true heart?  How will you hear from God if you only pray what you think He wants you to say?

Meditations creates patience, it expels demons just by the action of no action.  Focusing of Jesus and one mantra like The Lord’s Prayer over and over until you have captivated your mind down to only one thought by continually reeling thoughts back in to that one mantra.   You have trained to quiet your mind and listen.  Ah but that’s evil!  The harlot proclaims.  Is it?

Is there not enough true evil in the world without calling meditation in Christ “evil”?

The Truth you might be running from is so small, but its as big as the promise the promise of the coming day…and the Southern Cross.

We cheated and we lied and we trusted, but we never failed to fail it was the easiest thing to do.

Clear the wreckage of the past.  See the patterns in your emotional survival skills.  Work the 12 steps in the Jesus way.  And then approach God in Truth not in false shame or in self deception mode.  Trusting God doesn’t come naturally, on the contrary its human nature to fear what God may do rather than trusting in the unknown.  Fear is no sin, its part of the human condition.

Beast programming must be smashed to then approach Father in Truth and in Spirit.

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