See also “The Prophecy of The Silver Roach

To those who fight the mighty in towers forts and barricades to those of righteous works read and understand.

STUMBLE STUMBLE SCREAMS AND ANGST. Twice I told of the coming age. Twice you saw the beast on the stage. Twice your mind was erased of truth and twice your debate was hewn and skewed, hewn and skewed. (felled and roughly shaped by hewing, shape, chisel, pound, mold, etc.

Controlled opposition entertained their minds, until it indwelt their hearts confined.
When the belt is dropped the breastplate always follows.
Three times upon three the locusts did squat. Four times upon four those in diamonds forgot, forgot, forgot. Twins were born and diamonds forgot.
The serpents wheel is strong and steel and steal it does the hearts of men.
The serpents wheel is large by far the largest wheel of all and evermore.
Deception is thick in the signs and wonders of the end
The serpents wheel is made of steel, type in the lies spill out the truth. Type in the lies etched on the sky type in the lies etched in our minds type in the lies written in time. Type in type in the serpents wheel roll and roll until we feel its will for all.
The serpents wheel goes round and round to speak to us some things profound that were not and yet are and now were. History is written in the serpents wheel darkness exposed only to the few who rein in rain and the second few who are as mist.
Those in Red though several they are, cover their heads until their head become as one in Red in Red. Unity perfected by the heads of red become one.
The Red head of Civil Rein rains down on all and the sheep became its slave. But not slave only….the serpents wheel now steers the minds of most men unawares, unawares .
The serpents wheel is seated at the Holy place both within and without. Shown the steering wheel of time, mind, and songs bind and knot the twine of mind to the mind. Twine twine the mantra goes till the maned wheel hits its toes they float.
The tyrants face was red but he is not the red head for they are hand picked by Saton their clad glad god. In the ghetto is a bright shining oasis in place yet very out of place. Secrets lie and lye in the room of the 7. The ATM is in the room of the 7. The answers for the fighters who fight the flight of lies is there. See the son of the room of the 7. He will tell you the mystery of the serpents wheel, the diamonds forgot and the dark anointing.
Though the roach wears gold he is still a roach
though the roach is dark and evil he brings still he is following the script of the almighty.
WHY? The goats and sheep must be identified and the chosen have been activated are and were. They are still in spite of the wheel they are TRUTH in spite of the girth and spew.
Only the few only the few can see the lying serpents wheel and escape its lies. Wash wash oh ye who fight and give your life the the serpents delight. Know and no all deception now deceives.
To the hidden fighters of the serpent and its wheel have good intent God sees you and gives you a key.
Know and no all deception now deceives in time & mind. Wash wash if you wish to see. Wash wash can you make truth #1? If you can you will see all.
Only the few only the chosen few know the true history that was and is no more.
The Golden Roach sings in the day he says “all things are of The Father”. ALL IS ALL. Saton serves God still.
The serpent serves God to His good end. All things work together for the good to those who Love Truth. Jesus is that TRUTH. Belt belt but we forgot we did not remember the code of sight that is the belt. So….we did not see. Even the diamonds lost ther sight for lack of truth. TRUTH OF TWO MEANINGS IS YOUR KEY. Follow follow the road of 2 truths one is a God/man the other is within and then without. It is not what goes into the body which pollutes it but rather that which comes out (of the mouth) pollute the body AND blinds the eyes.
What good is your discernment if truth is covered with lies? What good is sight if all to see is a lie. The double truth must be adhered to first. Then you sight will be regained, then history won’t match history. can I be plainer? Can you be more dedicated to righteousness? Works are not the heart. Works are not the heart. Go back to the beginning. Process out all pain that blinds.
The sheep sleep. But they alone have the human’s gift of choice and free will. The sheep sleep. “sleep on” says the new history “sleep on” says the lie of the wheel. Sleep on yet some do not sleep. They are numbered and unknown to the crown of red. The red head seeks the numered yet will not find them for they are not what is expected of such a number. Yet they are exactly what is expected of such a number of God’s closest swimmers of Gold they float in the Truth of change.

Ye protectors of mighty devotion you cannot protect what you cannot see. You must take on the Truth of Heart so you can see history as it truly was.  So you can help restore the diamonds so blessed.  All must be exposed of your heart, all must be confessed, all must be processed by expression and cries, back to your megar beginning.  See those small things that have grown big in your heart.  Emotional minimization is the enemy of Truth.  Pride will not look at hurt or shame.  Embrace the child within let it rise up in you and cry out with it.  Only then can you commit to truth after you first know yourself as a child.  “You must become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God…and to protect the kingdom of the chosen and restore the diamonds who have lost their truth.”

WHAT?  One of you sees by latent and sublime Grace to him you MUST LISTEN and follow the directives of the purple path & the golden roach prophecy.

Twine and twain the words revealed.  Hind and spane were never real.  Spake was spoke and sleep was wake, time is turned and KJV is fake.  “SLAY THEM BEFORE ME” “BE UNJUST STILL” are these the words The Son of God would spill?  Do you have a dream?  Follow it still.


  1. Who is the Golden Roach Prophecy written unto? Spine and spane, spike and twain, lies are now presented as truth upon upon the once holy books old and new, one and all. THEY USE THE WHEEL. Deals with demons steal and real. Truth perverted on the pages of old and new. How is it that history is being rewritten by evil? How is it that the holy book is desecrated? How is it that the abomination of desolationx2 is upon their crown & their book. How is it the books all change daily and with it their crowns follow. What was now was not. What is was not. Yet they scream “same as it ever was!” They sing Same as it ever was.
    We will give you the final symbol to change the minds of men. But ye must desecrate the holy place.
    Then the Locust flew. The pit opened and the Locust flew. Their eyes are sinking. Their minds are joined with the wheel. The books are joined with the wheel.

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