To the Mighty Men of Old “His Time is Short”

To the protectors of the realm of mankind, protectors of the nobodies I do thank you for your sacrifices.  But a mere “thankyou” hold little weight compared to the loss you have all endured.

Do not ever give up on the Eternal Gift of Hope your helmet.  Do not doubt the precious eternal gift Faith.  Don’t give up before the miracle happens!  And so come the prophecies of those who war in Spirit.  The words you waited for.  And Jazweeh is relentless in her writing.

To those who are hidden, the scribe proclaims the spiritual victory by God’s leading.  Victory is already accomplished!

And the bird wears the crown of the righteous wizard of Faith.

For, just as the bad parts of prophecy have come to pass now the good parts.  We sit back and watch what God will do.  Waiting is not an easy task for a warrior whether in Spirit or in the carnal realm of man.

The stories are true says the Scribe of God…the strongholds are crushed by those who do not fight in carnal ways.  They see into the world of shadow and darkness.  Yet are we brothers to meet.

His Time Is Short

The beast is in its hay of day but we see it’s demise just around the corner.  First Spirit and inevitable carnal follows. Your reward my noble wizard is from above and very soon.  Of this I am certain says the seer Jazweeh.

La Sagrada Familia The War IS Won the Battle’s Over.

The Time Has Come to sit and watch what God will do.  Easier said than done for a soldier of a lifelong mission.

Barcelona La Sagrada Familia Cathedral.  In recent years oddly many Cathedrals were allegedly “struck by lightning”.    Yet they have their toys of death.  See video below “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”.

“And the news man said that a man was shot dead by a gun that didn’t make any noise.   But it wasn’t the bullet that laid him to rest, was the low spark of high heeled boys”  Video at bottom.

The restrainer was a sect of the the Catholic Church.  This Cathedral in Barcelona represented the restrainer (biblical prophecy) the protectors of mankind against corporate greed.  And yet the many watchmen confuse the restrainer and condemn all of the Catholic church.  Yet the charity of that church is unmatched.  Finally the beast overcame and won the long standing war between two powers on Earth which few understand.  Now is the time of the crow.  Dark times of the beast are here.  But his rule is short lived and nearly over.  God will not have it.  The harvest is ready the separation is done.  The battle was not in vain.  The restrainer of evil saved many lives.

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral
La Sagrada Familia Cathedral
La Sagrada Familia Cathedral
La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Mighty men of old hidden in plain sight trained in cunning warfare not of the common wars.  But rather warfare of both dark demonic Jasmin sweeps.  And battle against the carnal plague upon Earth.  Plagues of men who serve money by submission, they hand their morality to the control of corporate monsters.

A battalion of strong men true to God and true to their own hearts fought the unseen war years on end.. Righteous men of honor “one in ten thousand they were, one in ten thousand.”  I do bid thee a fine days greeting.  Let thy anointing be true and thy bones full of marrow by godly Ways.

All is NOT lost.

These men taking their place in the bath of flowers.  Made comfort in a ghetto yet a high ranking suite.  The room with the ATM of endless funds corrupt by some.   An oasis to others. A son is not always like his father.

These men served the red hats.  They took their q’s from the serious men in whose motives were pure for a time.  Be not too hard on them for the flesh has its limits.  Not all are gifted in Spirit & heart.  Red hats were True until the fear of death and temptation of greed or lust brought them to their betrayal.

You & them road the beast for years and protected & saved the lives of so many.  Never a parade never a tear for those your brothers lost along the river of fears.

The black death has no conscience.  How can righteousness overcome men who have no moral line of boundary.  God has not forsaken you.  Your reward comes on swift wings and you & your fallen brothers will watch the last hope of the beast burn by the Son of God.    It’s already done and cannot be stopped.

Or is God Almighty equalled in wisdom?

And still the christians stand and call the Harlot to judgement.   They do not see.  They believe the many of greed in red are the all.  Mighty men protected the masses from the horror of stealth tribulation that is now upon them in spades….unawares unawares.  Few can see under the vail.

Few resisted Esau’s soup.

Is a man really in the great tribulation if he cannot see it?

The martyrs of God had a Mighty Brigade whose fire could not be quenched for many years.  Victory was yours for years on end.  Peace and safety was ours for a time because of the “Harlot”.

But now is the time of another war there are those who many claim to be.  Father is moving now. The New Earth is on the horizon on the swift train of the pale horse comes the Way that always was meant to be.

We all had to choose brothers.  Evil had to be here because we all had to choose by free will.  We had to take a side and find our own heart.  We had to walk in Truth and find the holy grail.  In spite of the Image of the beast and all the lies of the peers relentless.

Can the man follow his own heart in the face of the crowd?  Can one man stand alone in a room full of fools who are sitting & wired to the towers of Babble?

Can all see are all armed to defeat the spirit Locust from the pit when it came?  God’s words do not return to Him void.  Those the woman birthed the child long ago.  The battle is already won.  It’s the world that now is catching up to what is.

back scene’s are created inside of chicken eggs.

Can that same man find wisdom in solitude?


The Scribe Jazweeh

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