The Clouds Speak Prophecy

06-25-2021  Rapture? Perhaps the Month of the Lion (July)

The clouds spoke on this day.  The Creator brings a sword.  The blue star falls with a great crash creating a great lake.  The lake of fire comes but not fire for long, it will cool to blue.)  The great gapping hole in the earth will swallow many exposing the inner earth.  The lake of renewal and the disposal of many goats, with it brings the gathering of souls.

The restrainer, the man in the black top hat held back evil for a very long time.  He has gone fishing and traded away control and power for Love.  He is headed South in a boat with his true love.  He is saved from Hell & death.  The restrainer prophecy likely has a twofold meaning.  One Spirit, one carnal.  The man in the black hat was the restrainer in the carnal having great power on earth to hold back evil.  No more.  Perhaps in the spirit the restrainer is the spirit of the conscience that causes many to think before they act.  If the conscience was taken away earth would be in a very troubled state.

Perhaps the conscience is what the back scene removes from men giving them an animal spirit of one type or another.  Varied from gator to sabor tooth tiger, to insects, to God only knows what those diabolical fukes put in the back scene to corrupt men’s dee en ay.

The blue star is here but also its coming folks, its coming and so is Jesus but likely not the way the preachers depicted the end of days.  What the hell do the bible preacher know?  They see not the many supernatural KJVB changes.

Why would you say that Laura of Akron?  Because prophecy is unfolding in a way I did not expect, yet its unfolding accurately.

On the foreheads of men (literally) we see many with a great explosion in their future.   We read their foreheads like reading a book. They will see a great explosion, weather its real or not is another matter yet to know.  It could be a great lie perpetuated by media—again.

We also see men with whatever they worship before God on their foreheads such as other people/the creation instead of the Creator.  And of course the mark.  Some have both the mark and the seal of God.  Quite the conundrum.

Apparently (and this is very perplexing & confounding to see) Are they saved or lost?  They need to let go of something of the beast but they will choose ultimately.  “They honor me with their words but their heart is far from me”. ____Jesus (pre mandela, ya all those “mouth” scripts are new.)

We hear watchmen on the wall assuming the outside of men they know and see matches the men’s hearts, their insides.  This is an illusion.  Many people don’t even know their own heart much less can a neighbor now if “they love God”.  It’s hard for us.  We are grateful very grateful for the end of days watchmen.  The confirmations are a great validation to us.  Yet we are frustrated that they are blind to many spiritual events and prophecy fulfillment.  Perhaps its our own insecurity that want them to see what we see.  But “now all are the arm”.  They see not the abomination of desolation.  Few do.  Few do.  Search any topic on this site in the search bar widget.


Blind Guides Blind Watchmen on the Wall

Finally, Here is the great suffering of Christ the few are blessed to and perplexed to share in.  Image how many spiritual revelations Jesus knew while those around Him could not see.  This type thing is not easy for the few.  Even the watch see things that others do not.  But here’s the thing, many are called and few are chosen.  God has allowed the strong delusion of darkness to go out upon those who preach end times.  We don’t know where they missed the boat but be sure MOST Youtube preachers and ALL main stream preachers sport the mark of the beast and do not see most of the prophecies coming to pass that Jazweeh and Laura E. cover on this website.  Yet we love to watch the watchmen on the wall and do often.  We are very grateful for them all, some more than others.  We even have the same timeline for the return of Jesus as some of them do.  The watchmen are all the verification we have by men that what we are shown is real.  So we suffer with their loss of sight.  To us the watchman are 1/2 blind.


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