The Lost & Broken Lamb has Become a Lion

I wrote this years ago and have interjected some present day works. I didn’t understand it until now.  It is end times mysteries.

Twilight comes her transition (twilight has come children)

Peacock brides with suicidal thoughts
Tug at her state of mind She weans her spirit from darks quiet calm
The sun as a thorn impresses her mood
Called to the dance of her soul
She circles her spectrum of thought to find only fear

How do I dance the dance of Love?
Teach my soul to dance the dance of Love!
Crying she stays in her pose

Better that she dances for fear than never to dance?
She laughs a familiar laugh when finally hearing the birds
When suddenly her ears are relieved of cottony deafness

“Call not the dogs for the sound abrupt! ”
Please kind lover call not the dogs
Shame to hear their cry of thorns and worse to be felt.

(present day comment: the dark evil begs off the dogs of the wrath of God, he knows his time is short).

Present day:

The Lion answers evil who was once her lover, the lion responds without one railing accusation to be sure. 

“The dogs have come fine sir…there is no stopping the dogs of wrath, they have come to light and form. They usher the horses of dark and night with faces of men.   They shudder and shutter, they twist the light and cone within them a crushing blow to solemn evil itself.   Oh yes fine lover, the dogs have come, and are here to stay,

By day, by night you will feel their fright of this I assure you dark sire. Your time has come, the time has come. For this time, we were born.”


As the money falls the Lion rise even greater.  As the possessions dwindle, as the night grows long…as the gift of desperation hits the masses of people solutions will vary.  Men shall draw fire unto themselves.

The Lion has its eyes on the dark lords of power.  And as they focus on their usual enemies the invisible Lions will crush their power demons back to Hell.  Anger is our catalyst.  Oppression our train that rides the road of sight and power unspeakable.  The very power the Lion wields is the very power the aristocrats feared all along the merry road of skips and hops as they crushed the poor with their laws of oppression and their slavery of the innocent.

TIMES UP aristocrat.  Daddy said one thing to you, your heart said another.  Did he dangle before you the inheritance of dust?  We all have to make our choices of which one we obey.

Years Prior

The loving doves fly to her rescue

Grace is her passionate desire and grace shall she have.

(Present day:

Grace, she received bless God the Holy one of Earth and sand earth and sand. Mark my words now and repent if you can. The times of grace are past; the times of intercession did not last. No more bellowing on the floor for the souls of the lost oh what a cost. No more swaying with birth pains for those in darkness. No more catching the burden of souls unknown. (only a spiritual intercessor will understand this paragraph.) No more seeing the sin in the eyes of the needy of spirit. The sight,, the enabling burdensome, painful, sight of the intercession has left….. Intercession was here year after year it soaked my soul, but now its gone.  Had I known life free of the burden of intercession it would have weighed my soul to depths by comparison. It was dark, strong, heavy, it was labor.

Have I sinned Great Father to lose the gift of intercession and the ability to see into the souls of men, to catch burdens from their spiritual state? Have I lost the gift Great Father? Why is it gone I asked in anxt? Why, why? Why is it gone?

My Father answered to me at once “Jazweeh, the time for intercession is past. The gift has morphed into an end times version. You did not sin to lose the burden.”  I recited; God’s gifts are without repentance. And so, WHAT OH WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?
The gift of intercessory prayer has transitioned in me to an end times gift of something different. What did it turn into to accommodate end times?

“It is now a gift of sight that you easily identify the brethren, the goats, the wolves, the serpents, the lambs and the Lions. Easily you know the sheep and what stage they are in. Many, many sheep are sleeping even now.

The time of judgement is nigh is nigh the time of judgement is NIGH 2019 no more intercession, it has fizzled out as a flame in drops of water, drip, drip, drip.  Do you not see the electric air the lightning everywhere, the light worms & orbs?  Do you look?  The veil thins and in two years time 2021 the veil WILL SPLIT.  Woe unto the inhabitants of the Earth at that great split.  The event comes.  Woe unto those not protected by the Great “I Am”. Woe unto the sheep who see not.   Their transition into the light will be abrupt and by forced desperation or not at all.  Every end times lion who stays around refusing the rapture, for the sheeps sake, knows the abrupt shift that the blind sheep will have to endure. These sheep are not lost, they are blind.  Every LIon is familiar with the desperations of darkness.  Every Lion has been the prodigal.  This is why only they can stay for the Sheep, because they were once as lost sheep themselves.  Lions know the depths of sin.  He who sineth much loveth much.) 

Back to years prior:

Twilight again comes her transition
Make hast sweet scented spirit of Love (Jesus comes)

For this day the dance of fear shall end in her soul and her heart.  (that day has come brethren.)

Again back to Present day:

The weaning and wailing have passed
She made it through alive…even dying a time or maybe two. till she was nearly blue.  I am pretty sure all the lions have died and come back, once already but briefly.  The Lion’s have seen even death itself.  

Death is my servant.

She need not die again…..and will not.

She is free


“Mountains and the canyons start to tremble and shake children of the Son begin to awake…….watch out!

Children of the Son begin to awake,,,,,watch out!

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