#1 Prophecy Dream The Lion & The Cave

The Revealing of The Beast Past, Present, and Future Secrets of the Dark lords from Hell



Chapter One The Lion & The Cave

I slept. I dreampt. Suddenly I was approached by a Great Lion. Not just any Lion. He was Massive & Long, Fury and Beautiful. He did not look angry but still because of his bohemith size I feared.

I ran into a cave that had a small entryway, but a crawlspace to enter the cave. I scrouched down and crawled into the cave quickly and fearfully of the Great Lion.
I thought, “surely the huge lion pacing outside the cave entrance cannot fit into this cave!
Yet, nonetheless the lion crouched down just as I had onto bent all fours. He slithered almost as a snake into the cave after me. The Lion seemed intent on being close to me.
“Oh no!” I thought. “Surely I will be this Lion’s lunch. I was literally ready and accepted that I would be eaten by the very beautiful and very large mamoath creature.
To my surprise, instead of being attacked the Lion sat down just accross from me in the small cave that was not much bigger in size than the two of us.
I realized either he was toying with me before lunch or he had some other intentions because he was not threatening me and now I reached over to pet Him.

Chapter Two The Three Malevolent Men

Now me and the Lion left the cave together. We pranced around and met up with a great tiger. The tiger was not as magnificent as the Great Lion but he was friendly to me.

Suddenly the scene changed. I was being held captive in some room in a house by three men of about age 34.  Their carnal & the Spiritual appearances below..

They were reasonably good looking and seemed well educated with neat clothing and learned vocabularies.
They had a magazine book that was about me somehow. Then I was to remember numbers but they read the numbers quickly so I could not understand to copy and right the numbers down on my paper.


I will call them the three teachers of corrupt means of educating the masses.
I knew in the dream that these three men were my enemy. They were deceptive and manipulative.

One of the men gave me a red nightie he wanted me to put on to wear.  as they wanted to create mankind in the image of Satan or make us their own creation as they were driven by ego and pride with diabolical intention.

Chapter 3 The Great Eye’s Secret Revealed

The Dream Switched off to a Great Eye with a supernatural telescope that literally was leering into my sleep state and into my head. It shocked me because I looked back at it as it leered.

I knew that never before had I seen the leering eye of the three men. But now half awake by being startled by the supernatural telescope of the mind I would once and for all BLOCK these three peeping tom’s from my mind. I shut the open window that was leering into my mind.

The Interpretation of the Dream Prophecy The Education System of the Beast.

When I woke up in shock of a great eye leering into my mind I used what Father has taught me of visualization to bind the beast and its demon spawn. Do this in whatever way seems right to you. Bind because you as a child of God have power over every demon.
The Age has turned in the favor of God children. No longer are we blind to the devices of the enemy.
The Lion is Jesus who stands by us and gives us the same power by which He Himself overcame death and Hell.

The three teachers are the great evil system of education that is devised by fear and trauma putting the higher intellect children with the lower IQ children to purposely make many feel inferior and stupid.
The tests and multiple choice is to tell you “there is only one right answer in any given situations” therefore to close your mind to possibility.
For years these evil 3 men have leered into the minds of children to see just how to make them feel inferior so they will sit down and shut up by a broken heart.
The men break the hearts of the children by lies.  The book they hold is the new CIA driven FB Book of Faces and people whom they have so much information on that they know how to manipulate their minds.

They say, “Look who you are, your stupid and everyone on the face of the earth is better than you in every way.”  The children are left with no emotional processing skills.  Taught to hide their fear away as if it were sin, and moreover hide away their deep pain of who they were taught they are they repress their own hearts.

This puts all men in defense mode continually defending against the low self image of which they have been programmed that is who they are.  It is a lie.

Who would do such an evil thing to so many children?  The same powers who brainwash their own children into carrying out a genocidal agenda throughout generations of time.

hacking your brain

The Technology by Witchcraft of the beast

The beast uses fallen angel tech to leer into your mind while you sleep. The TV now is programmed to your mind. If you watch any commercials they will be to crush your self esteem in whatever way is fashioned to your personality. We can block them from our minds by invoking The Mighty name of Jesus or by knowing that you too already have that same power. Your own name casts down free flowing demonic beings. (I don’t mean demons that inhabit a man already this usually takes the prayer of deliverance by a preacher or resisting the devil and he will flee.)
Visualize blowing up the connection from their mind to yours before you go to sleep. Anoint all your windows.

But Who and What was the Lion besides Jesus?

The Lion was the powerful gift of prophecy. I was told I would receive the gift this day. This is my very first true prophecy. Prior to this all has been predictions and feelings, strong feelings of future events to come. Now God has set down beside me a Great Lion, so so beautiful to give me strong prophetic dreams in the day or night perhaps.
The Tiger was the Gift of the Interpretations of the Dreams
How can a man prophecy with an interpretation unless he has knowledge of the subject. Can God teach by dream? Yes that too. So also a man can prophecy of things he doesn’t know but others could explain or he can learn as he sleeps/
This is the conclusion of the first great prophecy by The One True God and His Son Jesus who died that we may also have the keys to Life by overcoming death and hell.

Scripture Given

Scripture Verses will be paraphrase and not linked to chapter and verse as with online concordances it is very simple to find the scriptures & verse by search engine.

“Your sons and your daughters will prophecy. Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”
“Pray that you prophecy Paul says its greater to prophecy than to speak in tongues”…I question that statement because intercession is & was VITAL to the body of the Christ. It was vital as burden and vital to pray through unto the establishment of the new age.




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