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I am not sanctimonious and will not adhere to status quo.  Status quo and “KOOL” are the beasts method and controlling the masses.  Think about “kool” a while and how it effects people’s behavior.  See my next article about MIND CONTROL.

Whose website is this exactly?  I am Jazweeh.  I have another site called Jazweeh.com that has predictions, videos, and truth about the Beast System at large.  “Your enemy Saton roams to and fro seeking whom he may devour.”  PEOPLE PLEASE DON’T IGNORE MY WARNING BECAUSE ITS TOO MUCH WORK AND TOO EMOTIONALLY TAXING.  With God’s guidance you can push all of the beast’s carnal weapons used against you, out of your life.  Then you can begin to work on your spiritual weaponry.  I want to teach you to be a warrior for Christ.  Please, don’t be dicked around by the devil at every turn.  I wrote a book “Paradise for the Hellbound” before my awakening.  Read it free, the chapters are clickable, skip around, the end chapters are my favorite.

Anyway I ended the book that is by the way, written about change and deliverance to say this:  “Satan only exists if we say it/he does”.  As if evil were only present in the minds and hands of men (mankind).  I WAS WRONG, VERY WRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS.  I was influences more than I like to admit by 12 step teachings which say “If anything disturbs you its because something IS WRONG WITH YOU”!

ARE YOU FAGING KIDING ME, TALK ABOUT A FREE PASS FOR THE WORST OF THE WORST ABUSIVE OFFENSES IN LIFE.  AA LACKS ONE STEP….ADDRESSING WRONGS SUFFERED.  This brand of “wrongs” is were most of our emotional trauma is derived YET its basically against the rules to even look in that direction when working the 12 steps.  The only reason I was not totally brain washed by the re-programming in AA is thank GOD for my therapist who pointed out AA’s worst faults and error.  You will find most AA’s pretty much worship “the program” of AA because understandably it saved their lives HOWEVER, its just another BEAST PROGRAM.  You can actually re-program out of the Beast programming by using the 12 steps but its vital to NOT adopt all the the AA worship rhetoric and to realize its just another all be it a healthier form of mind control at the end of the day.  I recommend the 12 steps for anyone who wants to de program from the beast. But you MUST add the 13th step “wrongs suffer”, and add shame and fear to the 4th step and examine the character patterns that follow those emotions.

Anyway, I intend on amending the book of its error.

Granted, the rest of the book is very helpful if you want to learn to overcome sin and death.  Nevertheless, Even though I was born again, filled even with the Spirit of Holy I STILL denied Saton (spelling is on purpose-led not sure why my Spirit is telling me to spell Saton instead of “Satan”, it is considered ‘middle english’ whatever that means.) because it was JUST TOO MUCH WORK TO ACKNOWLEDGE I HAD SUCH A BRUTAL ENEMY AT THE GATES. Even though I was abused at every turn emotionally and physically in my formative years as if under attack. We cannot protect against the beast system until we begin to see how it has already traumatized us.  Due to denial and emotional survival skills mostly of the dysfunctional variety many of us don’t even know who we really are.

Telling especially how to de=program from the beast system programming that invades our psyche from birth onward.

Here-ye Here-ye You cannot deprogram thoroughly if you don’t see how, why, and in what way you have suffered from the beast programming.  My first article will be on this topic.  My first installed message from the Father came last night while I slept in natural electromagnetic frequencies so my dream, healing, and sleep state was not interrupted by the beast VIA WIFI invasion of the 2.4hz variety.

At sleep we get our messages from our higher being and from God Himself.  But we won’t hear it if the electromagnetic frequencies that are natural to earth and man (the Schumann resonance) is abruptly and RUDELY interrupted by EMF POLLUTION.

Sister, how do I protect myself from sleep emf pollution interruptions.

Answer:  Unplug your router at night

do not sleep near a cell phone

protect from cell towers

do not sleep next to any electric fans, window air conditioners, or other electric devices by your HEAD ever.

How do I clean my house of EMF pollution?  Buy a simple EMF meter to measure frequencies of radiation that come from your appliances and devices.  Get rid of the microwave over as THEY ALL LEAK PROFUSELY and inertly cook your insides every time you stand next to it.  You think I am kidding or exaggerating?  Buy the meter.  It will blast an alarm when the readings surpass 1.00milligauss of radiation.  Is non ionizing radiation dangerous?  Your damn right it is.  Why is the entire medical community devoid of education in this field of EMF?  Can you say ‘BEAST SYSTEM’?  That’s why sisters and brothers.  Please protect your children and yourself from emf and microwaves.  Here are the two meters that I bought. Microwaves are of a higher frequency than the straight up emf frequencies.  But guess what?  Your smartphone will most likely SET OFF YOUR MICROWAVE LEAKAGE TESTER.  WHY?!!  Because android smartphones and Iphones put off not only electromagnetic frequency radiation but also shortwave, microwave frequencies the most damaging to the cells.  5g is of the microwave frequencies.  4g is also because my Samsung 6 galaxy 6 set off my microwave meter past the safe amount by about 4 times.  By “safe amount” they mean “it doesn’t burn your skin” well guess what…microwaves AS YOU KNOW, cook from the inside out….so well before it burns your outer skin its cooking your brain. Pretty messed up huh?

I ran my box fan in a window right next to my head where I sleep in the window to bring in fresh air.  The fan puts out about 1.00 microtesla it did set off the alarm as “unsafe levels”.  As I said the safe limits are not really safe.  What I notices is this:  When I sleep with my head next to an electrical field as weak as a fan in the window I woke up disoriented as I stood up and walked down the dark hallway (I am over 59 years old) I was disoriented as if I didn’t know which door led to which room literally.  My own hallway people.  NO I do not have alzheimer’s or dementia.  However Alzheimer’s is QUICKLY becoming a top cause of death in this country and it is because of DIET & ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS I GUARANTEE THIS TO YOU.

I forgot later what the fan near the head had done to me….I was fine for a month not having any disorientation.  Then my experience with the fan slipped my mind as the hot weather set in and I wanted air in the room.  Yes I totally forgot what I had learned.  And turned on the fan next to my head.  AGAIN SAME THING HAPPENED THE NEXT MORNING “DISORIENTATION IN THE DARK HALLWAY” after sleeping next to the electromagnetic field of the fan.  The fan was approximately 18 inches from my head running for eight hours making my brain cells dance with the frequency that effect water molecules in the body and much much more no doubt.  5g is set on the hz to disrupt OXYGEN MOLECULES.  WTF?  They couldn’t choose a worse frequency to effect us as the water and oxygen in our bodies is disrupted by these fargon frequencies.  They don’t destroy the molecules therefore if you search this info they will try to explain it away.  BECAUSE ITS IN THE RANGE OF THE MOLECULE NOT THE EXACT NUMBER that’s how they explain it away as not harming humans.

“THEY” Who is they? The elite, those incharge, those who set the beast system to be murderous and destructive. Those who poison the food, send out the mind control, make you take vaxx, kill your children’s brain cells with aluminium. those who feed us aluminum and mercury and other toxins at every turn.  EVERYTHING IS POISONED EVERYTHING.





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