Is 2023 Too Late For the I Pet Goat Warnings?




No It’s Not Too Late for the World of People To Repent and be Saved

DNA Sequence of the ominous back scene.  WHO. World health org. And lack thereof.  Click to read.

A note from The Scribe.  My first 2020 I Pet Goat II Interpretation.

To be spiritually saved.  Saved from what?  Saved from separation from God.  Separation from God cannot be felt or understood by mankind until it happens to them.   I felt it.  I saw the White Train that held The Divine Presence of God in man.  A pearl, a treasure within a clay pot.

A Treasure, Chest Full of Jewels, Pearls, and Gold Stock Image - Image of wooden, silver: 160575419

The Magic white train comes and crashes into the flesh.  It takes the divine presence of God to a safe place for a short period until its returned to the flesh.  Lesson learned.  The Beimba (Beemba) is what the Hindus call the presence within.  There are Truth and lies in every religion.

I have felt what it feels like to be separated from the Divine Presence of God.  Of Life and of Love.  I tell you truly truly, verily, verily, I could not live long without God’s Divine Presence in me.  I felt an emptiness that is so dark it can’t be expressed.  And so The Scribe of God writes his small warning unto the whole of mankind.  Please hear me.

What Does I Pet Goat II Really Mean?


I Pet Goat II is a warning from someone.

I don’t know from whom it came.  The story I am about to tell you is written in the pictures of time.  My story  is written in the pictures of I Pet Goat II.  What became of I Pet Goat One?  Its scrubbed.  Perhaps due to too much information.  Maybe II is less interpretable.

With the valid scientific processes listed here & by my own years of genetic therapeutic studies (not CRISPR old hat, rather mRNA) what I am about to tell you is scientifically doable.  And is also mapped out in pictures in I Pet Goat II.

Get to the Point Scribe

Back scenes are created and grown in chicken eggs. Fact.

IVig therapies employ one thousand cell lines (genome codes of sequence) of 1,000 different humans and beasts.   Gene therapies.

Don’t eat the poison apple.  Why did they treat the entire human race with animal encoded genome therapeutics?  The mark of the beast is beast dna in God’s Creation mankind.  It was done for control of the human slave race.  It was done to make programmable bodies of mankind.  GMO Humans completely programmable.  behaviorally engineered by experts who have genetically mapped all appearance and behavior.  Engineering mankind’s tendencies and traits.  The back scene sent mRNA commands (not edits, commands) to the human body.  The body believed it was from its own commands center.  Fooled.  Tricked the human cells.  Reset of the human has begun.

Initially murine, canine, non-human primates, rabbits, porcine, and a more recently developed humanized mice were injected.  (rats, mice, dogs, chimpanzees,  pigs, hogs or swine).  Please note research by the average person is thwarted repeatedly due to numerous definitions (new words) stamped on old things.  Vocabulary is fluid constantly changing on Earth.

Hence Prophecy fulfilled.  By the desecration of human kind.  Re-making man in the image of the beast. 

Why can’t most people understand this?  They think that the people in power are human like them.  Seems they are greedy fearful & diabolical power mongers who hate the masses with a passion the average man cannot relate to their level of fear/power.  Hence the rational “they would not do that, why would they do that”.  Scroll to see why.

In reaction the human mitosis and deletions and additions to cell line structures are put into sequence.  All behavioral & trait changes accomplished in the first dose.

Next they will make all humans the same as one another by the 1,000 days of cell line implementations.  This can now be accomplished by frozen delectables.

Those who have not taken the poison apple back scene sit alone dejected and rejected.

back scene’s are created inside of chicken eggs.

The Pesky Immune System.   The old system thrown down.  The New world order arises.  All shown in the video.

Reactions to fear a varied but control is one of the most common reactions to fear.  And Power & Control with Greed are addictive.  Money is the root of the most evil of actions.  Greed.

The Microsoft Immune System 

All this genome deletion and addictions requires no edits.  The body always had the ability to recreate itself by gene sequencing and gene expression.  Hence that immune system is what had to be hijacked.  This requires the prophecy of the covenant with the many once called the covenant with the few.

The few what?  The few Demons from Hell made a covenant with the few most powerful men and women on Earth.  A covenant from Hell.  What was the trade off?

CERN changes the words of the bibles one and all old and new.  And the demons give the powerful men of Earth the two keys to the cells nucleus.  Finally perfecting Hitler’s plan of the perfect SLAVE RACE programmable matter.

How does the Scribe know it’s two keys of gold?  A sacred dream.

Once they had the two golden keys it was on.  The back scenes had to immediately be implemented into every man woman and child possible.

Hence they showed us that we are under a one world rule in 2020.  When the entire world powers marched together to one drum beat.   The Beasts drum.

Hence did you not see them crash the tower of power that stood for so many years?

The fall of a world power falls unto another One World Power.  And in the hand of the one world power is a syringe.

Make the Christians heart grow grossly twice its size by the
poison PEG polyethalyneglycol. (Jesus 3 hearts in video)
Jesus wearing a girdle now in bible. Mockery.

Scorpion in Revelation Prophecy.  Is the back scene.

Scorpion tails around the moon that now spins.  A sign and wonder as prophesied.  Have you watched its cycle of spinning?

Hijacking the immune system.  The evil men have set up an array of automatic automated immune disease that they also hold the back scenes for with their patents.  Patents that ensure their power over the entire Earth and it’s people.

GMO humans will be absolutely and irritably reliant on these back scenes.  Without them they will die.  That is the benefit of the Microsoft immune system.   Of course the original immune system was crashed by the first back scene and the orders for the new immune system was put into place.

From here forward they won’t necessarily need  chots.  Frozen delectables from the kings table will have in them the rest of the genome needed.

But also for those who did not take the back scene scorpion string.  Do not eat of their frozen dainties lest ye perish at their hands.

I could be wrong.  But this is what the Scribe sees.  If it says “Bomb” its a bomb.


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