Great Harlot Church Refuses Support to Holy Spirit Led Ministries to Prostitutes and Strippers

By Jazweeh

Back in the late 80s Mine and other woman’s ministries given by God & God only were not accepted by the Great Harlot Church.

Over and over the men preachers refused to acknowledge or support in any way God’s Anointed Ministries while their own men’s ministries at that same church were puffed up and glorified, sanctioned and supported.  Perhaps the pastor did us women a favor by keeping our own ego in tact we were not defiled by the false pride that the church could have offered by openly acknowledging us.

Love is an Action

Love is a giving, caring action toward another person comprised of Truth and True motives that have no strings attached.  This is Love.  The greatest act of Love that we humans can commit is to give our life for another in purity and in Truth.

Clearly Where We Go At Death Is Given by Our Own Choices When On Earth.

So the after death events are really not a judgement but rather we have chosen where we want to go and who we side with as Our Father by our choices.   Evil people would not want to be in Heaven where Truth, Honor, Faith, Hope, and Love have been pre-requisite.  Nor would a man of Truth and Honor want to go to a place where the morality guidelines are of “do unto others by evil before they do unto you.”  A place where hate, betrayal, manipulation, lies and beguilement are the paraded guidelines of applause and nobility.  So we choose a place of lies or a place of Truth.


The Chosen Few

If you are of the chosen few, by now you know who you are.  You would have had a well established relation ship with Jesus and The Father.  You would be a worker of some kind for His cause.  Intercessors are vital and would have the heavenly tongues.  God has many workers I am limited on my experience with the gifts of The Spirit as I will only teach on my own calling, not the callings of which I have no experience and little knowledge.

You can bet many books/articles/websites who teach on the gift of tongues do not have the gift.  The bible has little information on The Gifts of The Spirit.

I know the bibles are changing supernaturally.  And I know they never did hold much wisdom where the gifts of The Holy Spirit are concerned.  I know the controllers are afraid of the most powerful gifts in God’s people therefore they call them “Satanic” as often as possible.

Evil is as Evil Does

We must know that evil is as evil does.   Evil harms people. There is enough true and putrid evil in this world to point fingers at.   Calling works “evil” because of a lack of understanding such as with the gift of tongues is an emotional blame game.  The controllers know how to work human emotions to their advantage.

Works that are for the kingdom and hurt no-one but few understand is a calling of the few.   The accuser calls tongues evil yet intercessors are vital to God’s people.  The gift of miracles is typically labelled witch craft by those who do not understand how God works miracles.  Some preachers heal by the laying on of hands.  Others have a gift to deliver people from demons they have allowed passage.  We have prophets who consider themselves see-ers because no church would accept them

My Experience with Ministry

God Assigns His Ministers Not Man.  Let God Choose and Teach whom He will because often true ministries especially to woman of the night get NO SUPPORT from men of the church.  They are in a club and us woman ministers are just not invited.  And that is my experience with the church and my ministries.

I was given far more leeway at 12 step meetings speaking of the wonders of God and sharing my testimony in front of hundreds of people when by the church I was rejected.  Its funny all that church interaction happened with me years ago.   Its only now I realize wrongs suffered by the church over and over again and how the church invalidated women in ministry.

Never once did I have an official ministry sanctioned by a church I attended.  Nor was I ever accepted by any church as “a minster”.  I was appointed by God and rejected by men.

Ministry was something I just did naturally and never got any kind of validation or pats on the back by men.  Once my friend Lori who worked with me in the stripper ministry by which we were invited into many many strip club dressing rooms, and shared deliverance and God’s Love.  She tried to get some kind of acknowledgment and sanctioned recognition or support from the church we attended by the pasture whom she did know better than I personally.

Nothing Wrong with Wanting Your Church to Acknowledge Your Women’s Ministry.

Really I think she just wanted some recognition as being an active part of the church.  And we were very much so minsters as God prepared the hearts of the women so powerfully did he prepare them to hear about Jesus.  That was why it worked so well.  He prepared the hearts and we walked right into it.  It was beautifully orchestrated with no hindrances from “sinners”.  The girls loved us and welcomed our words.

There was nothing wrong with what she wanted from the church by wanting to be a part of.  Never the less the church would not sanction our ministry to strippers.  Looking back I do resent the church men somewhat for that.  There was a woman also there in church who ministered to prostitutes, she worked powerfully in the spirit of Love and giving day in and day out with NO SUPPORT FROM OUR CHURCH.  “Daystar Non denominational Church” in San Antonio Texas.  The two attending pastures did have a split not sure why.

Leading Men at the Great Harlot Churches are Usually Pompous

I confess to you now that I resent the fear the preachers showed toward Lori, I , and the other minister as if prostitutes and strippers didn’t deserve any kind of valid ministry carried to them.  Making it seem that the preacher and his chosen MEN where the only valid ministers according to him.

I remember during prayer meetings when the gift of tongues was apparent in me I think that also the gift of tongues scared him.  Of course I knew none of this at the time.  I had alot to learn back then.  But still I had a pure and powerful ministry to woman.

God Himself Will Call you to some type of Ministry if You Are His Child

Father starts His people out in ministries of Love to share the good news of the gospel of peace, the gospel of faith, Love, Jesus, deliverance.  A ministry must include sharing one’s own testimony of what Jesus has done for you to be effective and heart-felt.  Then He often times if we grow in works, self awareness He puts His children into other areas of ministry.  God has His scribes who are writers that take their Q from The Holy Spirit.

Father gives some the gift of helping others in materialistic ways.  Prophets receive honor except in their own home town.

Personally I started with a ministry to strippers sharing the Love of Jesus toward me and toward them.  I ministered also to the members of Narcotic Anonymous that Jesus does deliver us from addiction.

I spent a year learning of the gifts of the Spirit at the feet of my mentor Sister Petty.  She started churches and shared her own version of ministry with me.

I later spent years ministering to the people of Alcoholics Anonymous and giving my testimony there to hundreds of thousands of members.

The Prodigal Son Experience is a Learning Time

I spent years as a back-slidden believer at which time I learned the depths of God’s Love and care for me.  I ministered while in sin and I ministered by great Truth of deliverance and overcoming in spite of sin.  Once I was delivered from the prodigal son state Father gave me a great awakening and made me a scribe.   Hence yet another active ministry for end times.

Furthermore most open ministries include some other calling or gift.  For me I am an intercessor who prays by The Holy Spirit.  This means I am trained in spiritual warfare of some type.

See my article on “The Age of Grace is Over” for more on the topic.


A Place of Judgement Vs. the Age of Judgement

In Short we call this new end times timeline the age of judgement because many end time’s focused believers feel Jesus is coming very soon.  Why do we believe the time is now?  Because we have seen the signs, many signs and wonders.   it is a time when Great Tribulation shall come, along with the wrath of God on Earth.   God has not appointed His children to wrath.  But “many are called few are chosen.”

What is this “Wrath of God” We Speak of?

Tis really the time of The Love of God.  But it will come in the form of tribulation because this, by friend is the only way to wake up the sleeping children of God who are stubborn in their contrite attitudes of faithless blindness.  If a great tribulation will not bring them to Truth toward their Creator then nothing will except to meet God face to face and that is not Faith.

We are and must be saved by Faith.  That is the rule apparently.  It is not Faith if its not Faith.

Could it be that we were put on earth to be punished?  Or perhaps to be tested?  Or maybe out of Grace and Love that we would finally show humility toward Father and get very Truthful with Him.  Those who respect and fear God come into a relationship with Him.  This relationship in turn grows our Faith as we grow spiritually.  We must also grow emotionally toward God and ourselves.  We should grow in Love and in Loving deeds.

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