The Place “New Jerusalem” May be Mislabeled Greatly. The Bible is Corrupt. Follow The Spirit!

Lovely SHALAMAR also sometimes spelled SHALIMAR IS COMING and New JeruSalem may be the Home of the Antichrist’s reign!

The word Shalamar means “ABODE OF LOVE” IN one of the oldest languages known to man Sanskrit.  (that used to be called Sanscript before all language became corrupt upon the strong delusion.)

Jesus does NOT GO BY TRADITIONS OF MEN.  Nor does He hearken to follow the leader carnal status quos.

The Jews put Jesus to death.  The Pharisees and Seducers (Sadducees) of men are on the rise pushing Zionism in The Bible that was once Holy and in the American churches that are deceived greatly.  The Jews want us to worship Israel.  The Jews want to have the “Goyim” or Gentiles who are gentle to serve them as their masters JUST LIKE IN THE DAYS OF JESUS when they put Him to death for freeing the hearts & minds of the people.

Perhaps God will revive and favor for Jeruselem (if it ever really was God’s favor) making it “New Jeruselem” once the Jewish men and women awaken and accept Jesus God’s Son.  I don’t know, but clearly the sacred new Home that is coming is Shalamar.  “Abode of Love, Temple of Love”.

How do I know?  Because I trust The Spirit of God and the name Shalamar was given to Jazweeh during deep Spirit filled prayer and seeking of God.  Why would Jesus come down and establish a reign of peace and Love under a corrupt name where men rule?

Do you NOT recall the word “Zion” was NEVER IN THE OLD TESTAMENT AT ALL.  Every instance of the word “Zion” in the Old Testament is a fake scripture in one way or another.  Sinai used to be in the Bible, called Mount Sinai.  Odd is that SinA.I?  Furthermore they have changed word “Covenant” to “Testament” in many places which has two totally different meanings.

What is the True Name of The Coming New World?


“Abode of Love”, “Home of Love” or “Temple of Love” in Sanskrit.

“Shalamar”  SHALAMAR brothers and sisters.  Look at the meaning of this word in Sanskrit.  IS IT NOT MORE APROPOS FOR OUR SAVIOR TO CALL HIS 1,000 YEAR reign new world of God with us, God is Love, God is Spirit, and God cannot tell a lie, to be called something elegant and meaningful of Love?

It struck me that perhaps Shalamar will be in Heaven for the 144 and Bride while the sheep on Earth abode in New Jerusalem.  All I know is my home is Shalamar not New Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a den of thieves and pit of vipers as scorn of mute, a jaw of wax, a pelt of dash, and a crine of godless hoards (sorry old English) a detestable place in full bent on destabilization and annihilation eventually of the world.  A crine (shrink, shrivel, wither, on their way OUT he knows his time is short) of bats (mainly blood sucking bats whose time is short) has come upon Jerusalem.  Salem the witches den is at home there.  Jerusalem is the home of witches and the resting place of sorcerers.  Blood sucking bats have no place in the New World of Love.  They wish we would worship their Jero-Salem=crine of bats.

JERO-CORRUPTER OF GODS WORDS TO MAN IN SCRIPT.  The first and foremost Bible defiler.  Saint Jerome-He who chose death over life and glory of men over humility defiled God’s words initially to man committing the unforgivable act of blasphemy toward God’s people THE INNOCENT.  Oh the blood on this man’s hands.  And oh the blood on the hands of those who are now changing the KJVB by changing history itself.

Shalamar is coming of this Jazweeh is certain and has testified that in The Spirit during her prayers she was given the name and the urgency of the times at hand (now).


“Abode of Love”, “Home of Love” or “Temple of Love” in Sanskrit.

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