How Are The Elect 144,000 Chosen

The short answer—-by their choices by free will.

Men are not born 144,000.  They must step into a calling.  Callings that await men are not prejudice by blood line or skin color persay.  Free will is the powerful plan that causes gifts to be bestowed unto men. More on this topic of the chosen on down in the article.

Mind Programming by the Movie Scrooge

Upon awakening I process the information that God has given me the night before.  If I am to get revelation it happens usually in the morning after a night of receiving information from God.

I watched the old nostalgic movie “Scrooge” on video in black and white.  There was of course the overt program of good opposed to bad behavior for humans.

There was also an overt message that if you do not celebrate Christmas your very bad indeed.  And if your not in line with the norm for common behaviors socially that are shown on the box your also very bad.

This carbon copy program is also pressed upon children in school defining “different” as very bad and wrong.

Instead of honing natural skills and allowing the Truth that all types of people are needed on this Earth the beast criticizes & oppresses deeply by arrows straight to their hearts those who are not of the norm.  Spirituality is especially targeted in this area expressly for the demise of self esteem.

All types of people are needed for a functioning world.  The teacher may tell you that, but passive aggressive subliminal programming will tell you different.

All types of people are needed regarding likes and dislikes, personal aptitudes & abilities, skill sets that some people are good at etc.  I am not referring to good vs evil.  But rather likes, dislikes, personalities, aptitude, skills, and heart’s desires.  Also IQ and such as that play into different being good not bad.

Scrooge Childhood Programming

But the program that triggered me emotionally was the “I am bad and wrong if I do not spend time with and value family & friends time on a regular basis.  If I do not go to grandma’s for Christmas I am very bad.  A scrooge– god forbid!

Response to Programming

Now on first glance you might say that its true.  That we are obligated to follow the norms of social behavior.  And that if you don’t socialize on a regular basis something is wrong with you.  Your selfish.

And the big one that has been programmed in many movies “its not healthy to be alone, after all”.  We, Jazweeh & I disagree with that statement we have heard on TV over and over and over again.

Why Jazweeh?  Why did this Scrooge programming put you back into your childhood back when you believed everything about you was wrong and bad?

Jazweeh is an intercessor whom I speak for.  She is not like other people.  She is not only an intercessor but also one of Gods chosen who are His army on Earth.  This calling was not preordained in her body.  It was a calling that any human could have stepped into by merely choosing the walk of an intercessor (article #1).  

Intercessor  article #2

What are the Special Choices that Cause Men(mankind) to Become The Elect?

Callings happen due to a certain heart conditions in people.  A heart that causes them to take actions that do not agree at all with the norms of society.  They may put themselves at risk by protecting someone even unto death.  It is said that there is no greater act than to give one’s life selflessly for the protection of another.  They may tell the Truth when every fiber in their mind fears the consequences of confessing that Truth.  They may be protectors of the weak.  It is easy to Love those who Love us, but Loving the unlovable, that is the Love of God.  They may give their testimony of what Jesus has done for them often or at the most dangerous time and to a pack of killers and Satanists.

They may offer up their bodies to be burned for reasons we don’t know.  They may seek God more diligently than anyone they know because their heart cries, hungers, and thirsts for righteousness vehemently. They might give to the poor when they have very little themselves.  They may pick up a hitchhiker who could easily overpower them if he wanted but their kindness prevails.

The true gospel, they give their testimony over and over because they have been healed, delivered, and healed and delivered again, they are born again, filled with the Holy Spirit with supernatural evidence of tongues, Love, & gifts.  Perhaps they have sought God in times of great distresses and therefore have already come out of great tribulation (as written in Rev.) and are therefore prepared for the great tribulation.

They know what it is to play the prodigal son/daughter.  The chosen are not stamped at birth and set apart as if a silver spoon were placed in their mouth.

But they do have guardian angels because of the great risks they tend to take.

Perhaps the elect tend to be certain Zodiac signs such as the Lion.  We surmise that at their birth there are factors that promote eligibility to be the elect, such as signs in the skies and dates and times to be prone to individuality more so than others who follow the pack.

Be sure they will be very different.  There individuality might not be evident so much when they are young.  They will grow into the calling.

Ultimately & also for their own protection they are born like any other human.  And it must be by choice and free will that they walk in one of the callings available to us all.  The called  step into one of the available callings of God by their actions/choices not by a written in stone predestination that forfeits free will.

God is just.  It wouldn’t be fair to all men if the callings were not free for anyone to step into.  The same goes for the calling of Satan.  Even unto the choice to be antichrist.

And know this…perfection is not one of the prerequisites.  If it were no human would be chosen because none are perfect.

How Does Programming Fit into the Topic of The Elect?

Some People are Meant to be Loners, Strong in their Relationship With God.

TV programming is aimed at the spiritually minded people to pull them away from their time with God by setting social norms that are not congruent with the Faith Driven personalities of the elect.

‘Go find like minded people”, said Jazweeh’s friend who doesn’t/cannot and is incapable of understanding her and often cannot handle her line of conversation and topics.

“But friend” she announces… “I have been around the world and there has only been one person who is “like minded” with me.  And she is, if still living nearly 100 years old.”

Friend-“spend time with family eating and drinking”.  But boyfriend my family are sick very sick indeed.  Disconnecting from them has brought me peace and serenity.  To be around my family takes every bit of energy I have to not engage in dysfunctional bickering, defensiveness etc.  Some people seek their self worth by putting others down.  Then there is the addiction thats rampant in my family and so on.

Jazweeh said-“Perhaps God has placed me in a dysfunctional family so I would learn to be alone.  You see for the called, the elect, God Himself is their primary concern.  Intercessors are not called to be social butterflies.

And now especially since the warfare has begun intercessors do not pray as others pray.  Other people would not understand their fervor, their engagement into the power of the prayer.

Just as Shaman’s were meant to be loners so too the 144 and Intercessors are meant to be alone.

Otherwise how would they do their work?  The 144,000 are not our for display praying in public.  NO no!  You won’t find them on some Youtube channel teaching about the ways of the chosen.  Unless they cloak themselves.  And teach anonymously.  144 do no announce themselves as I have seen some do.

They would rather be discrete.  The chosen speak Truth.

Many are Called Few are Chosen.  All are called but few Answer that Call.

Who are the chosen?  Those who step into one of the formats of spiritual calling.

Think of the gift of intercessory prayer by higher language and the call of God as gifts.  Lighted gifts that are lying in a long line in the  sky.  Invisible to us. Each gift just waiting for someone to pluck it out of its place and take it into one’s self.

People think we are predestined for spiritual greatness but its not quite like that even, even for those who claim that they were with God from the beginning and who know their not home on Earth.  Even for those who say they agreed to come here to Earth.  The body of the human had to pick up the identity of that being who was with God from the beginning.

All humans were given a measure of Faith.  The Faith had to be nurtured so they could step into the identity of one of these “with God from the beginning” beings.  They, the chosen are called, yes but they are not born “chosen”.  They become chosen by their choices in life.

We ALL have free will and that rule God will not negate.  Therefore we must choose to become “called of God”.  Or we can walk away from it, never nurturing our Faith.  And never seeking God fervently with our whole heart.

Hence the TV distraction.  If the beast can convince you that your are “bad & wrong” you may never step into one of the callings that await in the Heavens.




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