Facebook Addiction is the Next Level of MIND CONTROL and this is how it works

What is the short message?   The Beast system is using Facebook to control your behavior, idea, thoughts, & choices.  The Fatherswords are “Come out from among them, be ye in the world but not of the world.”  Become who you truly are in your heart, soul, and in The Father God of all creation.

Remove yourself from all Facebook garbage at least by 90% of your consumption of the app.

  1. First we must see as a revelation how we have already been abused and controlled by The Beast System at large.

I realized after years of recovery in AA and therapy why I chose addiction and the numbing effects of narcotics for so many years of my life.  Most in AA will NEVER EVER give you a reason for their addiction other than the pat answers.  The Big book gives palatable non shaming reasons for addiction such as “we were controlled by self will run riot” or “Selfishness – self-centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles. Driven by a hundred forms of fear, self-delusion, self-seeking, and self-pity” or how about “addiction is a spiritual malady” or “disease” or “genetic” or “inherited” or “nature vs. nurture” and on and on the accurate yet Veg reason for addictions are expressed by the experts, the addicts themselves.  And of course if I label addiction “cunning baffling & powerful” and obscure disease that cannot really be defined by science THEN I don’t search for any truth behind the real reasons for my own addiction.  AA and NA are created to help but to keep the real beast hidden behind a curtain called “disease” safe and secure to continue its damage and debauchery ripping and tearing the human race unto overdoes & death.  The deprivation of truth caused by the use of narcotics keep the blind baffled even years into sobriety they NEVER FIND THE REAL REASONS BEHIND THEIR ADDICTION.  And if they had?  They would reject the truth vehemently cause it does NOT agree with the status quo.

What then Jazweeh?  What is the true reason for addiction such a horrible malady?

Children, the reason for addiction are the same reasons that Facebook mind control works seamlessly.  The reason for addiction is abuse in the formative years by a very subliminal and passive enemy called the media, TV, movies, programs, food & drugs that dumb down and poison the brain, along with constant and continuous input by technology to program us into the “I am bad & wrong/ugly” initial program for one and all.

PLEASE you must know you will not realize the programming is happening.  It comes to us by great movies and subtle commercials.  The invention of “kool” and “normal” are strictly enforced by repetitive indoctrinations into the belief system that “different is BAD” this is to accompany the “I am bad and wrong” program.  You see once you learn in your heart and mind that different is BAD and that YOU ARE DIFFERENT therefore BAD and ugly THEN and only then can you be downloaded with one of the various MASK PROGRAMS available before your, on TV, media, commercials, by watching others etc.

The child gets its heart broken at a young and tender age by the fact that he/she is “wrong & bad” because of her original hearts hopes, dreams, visions, likes, dislikes, wishes, actions, and words that are different therefore wrong.  Everything about you is WRONG so now you simply MUST become someone else.  I assure you this is how 99.0% of us view ourselves in our heart.  IF we didn’t, we would not be defensive, we would not engage in emotional survival skills of dysfunction, we would not blame, we would not condemn, and we would never point a finger at our neighbor.  You see those who already feel bad and wrong have all the reason in the world to hide their true feelings and their true needs.  The defensive have every reason to lie and fear.  Once you believe everyone around you is better than you, well you must isolate, hide, put on a mask, wear makeup, engage in vanity, greed, distraction from self.  We go so deeply into the mask that we literally forget who we were to begin with. Denial blinds us to what is happening to us.  We are clueless and victims of the beast system.

The only way to regain our true self is to go back, back to the point of origin of when where and why we felt we needed a mask.

What prevents us from doing so besides the proper tactics and guidance?  SHAME.  We are trained/programmed in self-editing & condemnation therefore we musnt look at any mistakes lest we fall into our self condemnation pattern of beating ourselves up.  Why do self punish?  If we self punish as we learned well that those who Love us Hit, spank, beat, and act violently toward us for “correction & Love”…(then we wonder why we engage in SICK RELATIONSHIPS) So perhaps if I punish myself enough THEN I will become good, as I have been programmed to believe by punishment.

Consider this example of beast system ethics:

Love is violent and hits you for your own good, until your 17 years old at which time that violence becomes both illegal and considered assault and battery.  So the same act is both Love & Hate. REALLY?  COME ON its not Love people.  This is beast concept that men will defend to the death saying “I needed to be beaten, it helped me, it was good for me”.  Right, as they run not walk down the road to self hate, loathing, and drug abuse.  Why do they cover up for Dad?  CAuse facing what our parents have done to us is a strong paradigm set in us that does not crash easily.  Cognitive dissonance wins in most cases of looking objectively at mom and dad.

Now that’s just one beast system example of how you have been traumatized and brainwashed into the “I am bad and wrong” prerequisite mind control program.  Be sure it’s not easy to wake up and smell the truth of who we are.  But we are doing it to HEAL not to condemn.  YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONDEMN YOURSELF AND IT WILL NEVER MAKE YOU GOOD TO PUNISH YOURSELF.

When I share on FB groups in the past, that addiction is “self punishment” (once it stops working that is) blatant and pure self punishment 99 out of 100 addicts in recovery we say “NO WAY”.  They also swear they had a wonderful childhood.  They have no concept that they ARE A VICTIM.

Status quo 2.  that keeps us from seeing the beast & our abusers:  “It’s a shame to be a victim even if you are one don’t claim it”

You must pretend your NOT a victim because expressing the pain of being hurt is a character defect and ploy.  NO VICTIMS ALLOWED  This keeps us from looking at what we really are, VICTIMS of the beast system. (and I am not even getting into the contrived money system debt slave part).

Now people who are secure in themselves do not need to protect themselves with lies. What is dysfunction and denial?  Something happens when we start to wear the mask, the whole subconscious plan to become someone else takes place in the realm of our hidden mind.  We JUST CANNOT ACCEPT who we are so our brain protects us emotionally by “denial”.  We begin to deceive ourselves by saying we are this mask that we have put on.

WE SIMPLY MUST UNDERSTAND THAT FEAR IS NOT A SHAME, THAT HURT IS NOT A WEAKNESS, AND THAT BEING HUMAN is to be afraid from time to time.  It’s okay to get hurt by others and cry.  It’s okay that we CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US.  These destructive beast system status quos are killing who we are.

We have been programed that fear is a shame.  You know the beast systems words for fear, you learned them at an early age and they programmed you to hide your fear.  Hiding fear is highly self destructive it must be expressed in a healthy way or it grows into phobia and compulsion.  You know what they call people who get their feelings hurt by others “thin skinned, whimp, weak and vulnerable” etc your programmed to hide and suppress hurt.  We are taught that to care what others think of us is a weakness often speaking “I don’t care what anybody thinks of me!” Which is truly against human nature to say and to believe.  It’s good to care for our reputation of how others see us, yet we must NOT CHANGE WHO WE ARE FOR OTHERS out of fear.  We must follow our hearts goodness & truth.

Yes it’s called repression to stuff down and be shamed for COMMON human emotions and it violates the nature of our true heart that needs to share our feelings and be validated by other truth bearer’s who share their core feelings. This sharing from the heart wit one another is healing and the Beast knows it thats why every status quo & “kool” is set to make us emotionally SICK.  This is all by design.  Satan your enemy walks the earth seeking whom he may devour.  The stronger your call to God the stronger he will work to break you.

Subtle passive mind control comes from Movies and TV shows WATCH & LISTEN to the comments that don’t fit the script.

A subtle mind control comes to you in a scene in your favorite movie as the main character who everyone loves and supports puts forth a comment making the expression of fear or hurt to be looked down upon, held in, to hide it away in secret.  Look at the news, the things the media subtly mock are the things they are trying to repress.  Same with movies, subtle mocking.  But WE ARE AS SICK AS OUR SECRETS.  The truth WILL set you free.  What truth?  The Truth about God and Self.  You MUST LEARN THAT YOU ARE NOT BAD AND WRONG.  And this takes reprogramming for about seven years.  YES it absolutely can be done.  See links below on deprogramming from best system.  The enemies who set the program in place swear by it saying “once programmed always programmed” or “give me your child for his first seven years and I will have him for life”.  I swear to you you can be de programmed as I have been but its a process and a good one.  With God all things are possible.


When the beast system began its infiltration into every house in the 60s by TV it gained access to us up to 18 hours a day on average.  Feeding our minds over and over and over with visions of what “kool” and “good” is so we could copy it and eventually become it.  We lose ourselves in the process and get very sick inside.  Why?  More than anything our heart needs to be expressed, heard, and understood by validation from those who care/or at least appear to care.  When you shut that process down, your squittled.

The TV easily controls much of the masses by the power of suggestion of “kool & good” it wouldn’t work if we did not believe we are bad and wrong first.  The addict example is just one way of dealing with the crisis of being bad & wrong by covering it up and numbing. People use all kinds of other ways to cover their self loathing.   Survey says 9 out 10 successful people think they somehow cheated to get where they are.  Not sure where that survey came from but it matches my own experience with the beast system’s programming.

Facebook.  The original programmers and even one CEO came forward on a youtube video saying they regretted the brain endorphin stimulus program because they realize it’s causing addiction and drawing in so many in such a huge way it’s taking away from family values of our moral roots.  Facebook is doing more than dismantling the family.

The beast system by TV and movies already controls most but now with FB its taking it to another level.


People are joining groups of their particular interest.  I personally have joined many addiction recovery groups to promote https://recoveryfarmhouse.com & .net but for some reason I don’t get much validation, rarely do I get validation on FB when I did engage.


Original thought & truth is the beast’s enemy.  Original thought comes from the heart, and our heart is sacred and of God if we are attuned to Our Father.  Our free thoughts fight against the beast and its lies.  The beast hates TRUTH it is the father of lies, and original truth pisses off the beast that lives inside some people.  This is why words of truth have been banned so often in FB recovery groups and on youtube.  I speak of core self knowledge to those in deep denial whose egos will not allow self truth to enter in at any cost.  People defend against their own enlightenment with vigor and rage.

The groups have admins, these admins have the power to shut people down and boot them out of groups.  Personally I have been booted out of over twenty groups.  Not for disrespect or cussing or attacking or hating on anyone oh no….I have been kicked out of over 20 recovery groups for expressing ideas & sharing thoughts on recovery topics that do not agree with status quo AA/NA programming.  Pure and simple people are learning how to shut down FREE SPEECH AND FREE THINKING in FB groups by repetition and power monger moderators seeking endorphin release from the brain.  They are learning how to embrace POWER OVER FREEDOM.  They are learning in FB how “different is bad” and it’s being reinforced by the segregation of groups within which power and control enjoys shutting down anyone with different ideas than the “norm”.

New Law in Florida Bans Free Speech Under Straw Man Proposition of “Hate Speech”

We already have new “hate speech” laws creeping into our country such as the one that passed for Florida 2019 schools on “anti semitism” which is no more than REMOVING FREE SPEECH FROM SCHOOLS.  The law says you CANNOT say anything negative about Israel PERIOD, its illegal.  Research it.  DO NOT USE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE.  Use Duck duck go.  Google is HIGHLY By AS@*E_D.

The Facebook Beast is learning your likes your dislikes your emotional triggers, who you hate, love and the beast system WILL, I PROMISE YOU USE IT ALL AGAINST YOU in cunning ways NOT JUST ADS that’s just the part they tell you about.  Your are now categorized into a group who receive a certain feed according to your personality and depending on the Beast’s agenda at hand.  By putting mind control feeds and comments in front of your face they will change your brain patterns if your not aware.  These mind control feeds are sent out according to your character.  Once they have grouped you into a category of personality THEN the agenda they want is set.  THEN they send out the mass feeds each feed attuned to the personality of the victim at hand.  Not just FB, search engine feeds are controlled as well.  THEY HAVE YOUR ASS AND YOU DO NOT EVEN SEE IT YET!  YET!

Just wait till the generations born and raised on this system take adulthood.  God only knows what that will look like.

With the TV it was all one sided control at least before TV’s started include microphones in them. They had to use predictive programming and guesswork on how YOU would respond according to norms.  BUT NOW THEY KNOW BY GOD JUST HOW YOU WILL RESPOND and to what you will respond.  They know who to make the moderators of society.  Who to put in place to police their brother as they embrace POWER OVER LOVE  and push button endorphins over kindness toward thy neighbor.

People in the Christian truth movement are waiting for some great disaster or apocalyptic SHTF event.  Waiting for some horrible take over, what a mistake.  If the beast can keep us looking in the future for the antichrist we won’t see the system upon us.  The take over is here. The horrible disaster is upon us. The apocalypse is well in hand and has already killed MILLIONS OF VICTIMS by food & water poisonings 4g and other poisons on everything we buy.

In the next 10 years the mind control will be so thick from Facebook and other social media beast system apps that no one will be safe from the thought police at large.  Our enemy will become the next door neighbor.  Not one will be safe from their neighbor who will point the finger at those who do not comply with norms.

https://listverse.com/2018/05/23/10-creepy-things-social-media-does-to-control-your-mind/  This link is what they WILL tell you they are doing.  The Beast will say “we are stealing your time, getting your addicted to the dopamine of the Like” as if that’s the worst of it.

People have no idea the depth of diabolical mind control that the beast has already shown me by TV and generational mind control.  That was in the 60s through 2007.  Before social media took off.  If the beast system was able to turn many even 7% of my generation into self sabotaging self hating self destructive drug addicts who believed they are bad and wrong inherently, then what will the beast do with its new supercharged mind control program called “social media platform”?

This garbage technology will be the human races undoing. The beast can easily send people off to kill one another or turn them into pornograph addicts.

And don’t tell me about choices, when your programmed from birth choices become very slim.

Who will deliver us from this body of death?  Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I will be doing another series on Jazweeh.com of how to deprogram from the self loathing program of the beast.  And how to take off the mask and become who you really are.  Here are a few links that may help.


Programmed from Birth to BE an Addict


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