The Scribes Job Here Is Done


I have warned.  I have encouraged,  I have exposed the beast and spelled out the Truth of God’s end of days.  The Great Tribulation is upon us.  2023 will be the worst of it.

Prophecy is fulfilled.  If you have not read enough here go to one of my other sites link below.  See decodes and prophecy fulfillments especially the A-Z prophecy at

The watchmen on the wall seem to all feel the same thing. That they are done. That the end of Earth is so close their jobs are nearly finished. Many have hope in a rapture. Others just want to be with God in whatever way that manifests. Some await the New Earth as do I. Others expect the 1,000 years of sleep, rest, and nothingness while the New Earth is being prepared for us by God Almighty.

I feel my last article is already written. I feel I am now just being redundant.  I have said it all.  I wrote it all down.  I proclaimed the great tribulation, the mark of the beast, and the strong delusion upon us.  I showed who are the 144 and who are the goats, sheep, lambs, wolves, serpents, and Lions.  I showed their jobs and personalities.  I asked God in Heaven “What more Father?  What more have I to do on this desecrated Earth of Babble?”

I am very tired of being the only one who sees into the supernatural whom I know.  I am weary of people who are blind to God’s miracles and His Truth.  I do not see myself of any use at this point.  I cry and I cry.  Father gave me so many validations and proof over and over of fulfilled prophecy after prophecy after prophecy.  He is Faithful to us.

But its the anticipation of the coming goodness that plagues my hopes.  Its the upgraded body and mind that I covet…God forgive me.   Covetousness is still a sin.  I am obsessed with the coming of the New Earth to a point it may be emotionally unhealthy.  Taxing.  Acceptance is the key to God’s peace of mind right?  But as I look for something better than this existence, my anticipation of the greatest reward ever given contrasts & crushes my present reality of pain and suffering.  Mortality SUCKS.  It’s watching the prize all the day that I just cannot seem to get to no matter how long I wait and Hope…YET, YET, not yet child not yet.

But the carrot is grown is it now ready Father?  I see the carrot coming coming coming.  So many signs.  So many wonders, miracles in real time all around us who see.

Father, Father all the bad prophecies have manifested when oh God in Heaven when will the good promises come to us?

And then there’s that sneaking doubt…the vag voice of self doubt iced with the mocking of family…”your insane, wackadoodle!”  “It’s been end of days for 6,000 years!  They have been saying it for years on end.  Won’t be long now says the mocker in his sarcasm.”

“Seven (7) years isn’t in the bibles” says the bible scholar who cannot remember the voice of The Good Shepard.  Our scholar is very intellectual and extremely proficient in deciphering end of days scripture.  Problem is she’s under the strong delusion with the rest of the gang.

How long must we bare with these blind Christians as they trample God’s words?.  As they read the desecrated bibles not knowing the new script from the old.  Yet we won’t stop watching and listening to them…their condition is one of the absolute most miraculous events on Earth we have ever experienced!

We have seen healings and deliverances miraculous.  But this strong delusion which has taken the multitude…the great multitude of alleged something else.  It’s a horse of a different color.  The land of Oz is here.

But Father they say all the right things on their youtube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers listening, who agree with their scriptures of nonsense.  They appear so benevolent!  We think they believe they are the invisible mask which they are wearing.

Will they be saved?  My God nearly ALL of them have the mark on their foreheads in plain sight.  And it’s likely they also took the desecration of the body expelling The Divine Presence of God.

Father responds.  He will not leave us in troubled riddles.  “The Truth is not in them Laura, The Truth is not in them.”

“They had years on end to Love my Truth and they didn’t.”  Many had several lifetimes to choose God. “They neither know my voice or my words.”  They embrace the blasphemy and call the book by God’s Son’s holy name.  Proclaiming it to be “The Word of God”.

Praise Jesus aloud, The Savior who brought us the keys to Death and to Hell.

Father sends me a scripture slightly desecrated but still in tact…”is it not the potters perogative to create some vessels for honor and others for dishonor.”

This is God’s way of free will.  We must show respect to all the people including the goats.  I want to despise them for their blindness.  I want to awaken the one’s I like who have a degree of Truth in their narratives.

Trying to show these people the strong delusion and the abomination of desolations x2…with the many many prophecies and miracles God has shown the few is futile.  THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO SEE.  They no longer have rights to God’s sacred words of Truth.  They blew it.

Surely it’s my codependency that’s eating my lunch.  Love? Hmph Love?  Don’t you dare tell me you love me youtuber!  Those words are not only misunderstood, but they are over used and a manipulation which plants the seed for the desired reaction from the hearers.

Yes- DON’T TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!  I don’t have to like the goats but I do have to show them respect.  I need to refrain from shouting insults and disrespectful comments at those on the Image of the Beast. (my TV)

AGAIN How is it the many Christians are BLIND to the image of the beast.  The prophecy fulfillment is so obvious a 5 year old child could interpret it.  Why can’t they see to identify the image?  Because they do not know their own heart.  And they fear that if they proclaim phone or TV as being the image of the beast…then they will have to turn from it.

Well they can just hate it like we do.  God Almighty told us we could not serve two masters else we hate one and Love the other.  So we watch the beast daily while despising the lies it spews.  Is it our master?  No.  But we do put alot of time into it.  And we used to believe it.  It betrayed us.  We had to go through a kind of letting go like a break up with it.   Same with the lie.  We had to recognize our relationship with lies as protection.  And trade them for the belt of Truth.

There in lies the problem with the goats.  They believe they truly are the mask which they wear.   They never became the clay in God’s hands.  They have no idea who they are.  And many of the goats call themselves elders, 144,000, chosen few, Israel, and other special names for categories of salvation’s status quo.  The 144,000 are warriors.  These Christians (many of them) are unfamiliar with spiritual warfare in The Holy Spirit of God.  Though we thank them now for every prayer if its sent from God.

The goats of religion never got past the first lesson of Law vs. Spirit.  Sin and punishment vs. Grace.  That’s all they know.  They did not become the clay in God’s hands.  Why?  They are fashioned for destruction.  God made them that way.  They do not feel the God hole.  They don’t feel the separation from God which we feel.

And then there’s the image of the beast with its continual threats toward all of mankind.    People don’t even know when they are being threatened.  And now the people’s minds and bodies are desecrated.  Minds becoming reprobate.  Greatly minimized IQ’s regarding common sense.  Their lack of common sense and faithlessness is difficult to watch.

All my needs are met.  I will fight.  I will fight and I will overcome this emotional pentacle of what is.  By God I will overcome this wanton condition as I have all other conditions.  With my God’s help and in Jesus mighty name I am an overcomer.

This is my proclamation of the end.

I am done.  My job here on Earth is done.  The Scribe of God is moving on to his next job.   My next assignment.  But not without God’s gracious help.  HE will make me whole.  This mortal is putting on immortality. This corrupt body is putting on incorruption.

“What is it to you if I cause him to walk the Earth for 1,000 years not seeing death?”

It is appointed to each man to die and then the judgement.  However all the 144,000 have died at least once already.  And so the prophecy is Truth.


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  1. Thank you for this post. Very well done. I agree, The goats are hard to reach. However, if we all were able to reach, just one. Then would that not be a huge accomplishment? Given that the odds are so long in the tooth? It is the effort that remains within us, the perseverance, the trust in that one being reached. We take with us when we go.

    The conditioning is very effective. The draw of the bread and circus if you will. The toys which they relish, which is their bondage. They seemingly cannot turn from, or realize what is upon them so that they do see. It is an endless endevor to be sure. I expect it. regularly.

    I look at it like this. For years now we have all been making decisions for or against the beast system. Which is a system to be sure, it’s not just the talking heads guidance for self bonding. It began years ago.

    Each of us has been deciding all along.

    we decided

    to run our own lives
    to make decisions on our own
    not to send our children to public school
    not to hand our children ipads and iphones
    to lend a hand when need be to the neighbor
    not to stop taking the kids to the park
    not to stop adventuring out in life
    not to partake in organized anything including religion
    not to loose touch with god
    not to particpate in allopathy
    not to chase the coin

    not eat fast food
    to process and store all our food ourselves by way of local farms
    not have smartphones
    not have smart meters
    not have cameras in our computers,
    our house,
    our cars, ect

    to keep our 28 year old vehicle, and never buy anything newer
    to keep our physical books
    to keep our physical movies
    to keep our physical players
    to keep our data on personal external drives
    to keep our physical maps
    to keep our physical camera

    to not sign up for social media
    to not sign up for cloud storage
    to not have smart phones uploading to the cloud
    to not keep games on the cloud
    to not put our work on the cloud
    to not sign up for subscription economy

    not to buy smart tvs
    not to be be connected to cable
    not to use wifi

    not to lean on popular opinion
    not to partake in the latest craze
    not to worry about hollywood
    not to buy smart cars
    not to buy smart fridges
    not to have smart thermostats
    not to install smart doorlocks
    not to install smart toilets
    not to buy smart toasters
    not to install smart blinds
    not to buy smart washers and dryers
    not to buy smart printers

    not to install ring doorbells
    not to buy fitbits

    not to use voice assistants
    not to use voice navigation
    not to use gps mapping systems
    not to subscribe to streaming services
    not to use cloud based computers
    not to use dropshare
    not to use free email

    we decided not to participate in the mind mapping that has been taking place throughout this entire list. All along.

    we decided not to stop being present in the world.

    So then when the talking heads started spinning, we had already made our choices. Years and Years before.

    The goats, have been deciding the other direction all along. It is a huge uphill battle to get them to see, because they have been investing in it for so so long now. Every decision they ever made, is tied up in the system. They all will see it as starting over. As defeat for their lifes invstment. They will see no rational reason why they should not go along to get along. No matter the way it is put.

    Your writing is brillant. Dont loose sight of the challenge. The sight the goats do not have, is a matter of blindness brought on by compounding investments. An awaking can be very destructive in and of itself. I have over come alot in the last few years, and I have been paying attention all along. I think what it must be like to be asleep and come to right now. The shock and horror of it during the realization process would be panic producing, it would be filled with denial, bargaining, it would be scarey as hell, it would be overwhelming to the point of passing out if full realization occurs.

    Are they pulling soceity down the tube? Yes. Without a doubt . But we all knew this was coming. Am I shocked there are so many? Yes. I did not think the percentages would be so high. But thats par for the course right? Then the one that can be rescued should count as 100 given the odds.

    So while we may be frustrated with this, we should not shocked by this task. I would not trade awareness, for sleepness in the here and now for any reason. We have had decades to filter this.

    So you see, If just one was able to break through, against all the above mentioned, then that. Is a monumental success.

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