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This may be Jazweeh’s Last article if hosting for websites can’t be paid by June 7th.  Donations are accepted.  I can only assume that if God is letting these sites go….then my job is over.  Unless a miracle comes since I thought I had another 60 days to go on Earth.


Well folks if your the 144 you have endured looking into the face of the beast. You now know the debauchery of genocide and homicide commited by the system’s rulers.  And the unaware & willingly compliant people who work for these dark soul leaders.  This is a hard Truth to process.  And as for status quo, societies social structure dictates that we are not kool if we proclaim anything “negative”.  Some say that if the masses saw the Truth of what is really happening to humans they would panic and cause worse problems yet.

Poet’s Prophecy Of Mystery for the Chosen Few and We Don’t Mean Jews.

Now the fall of the WHO.

Trauma trauma pain and pine call the system mark the dime,

jazz of jazz makes way the troll comes in the night to spine and dole spine and dole spine and dole. 

Come the stretchers of death’s final gleam.  To make the fetchers of time and dream. 

Dream on sad sought your story true.  But will you make it to the blue? 

Blue and blue and system calls to death a toll and rug a roll to jet and lagg the gracious and deadly swag and the trumpet’s Hag.  Trumpet’s Hag.

A poet’s term of nauseous grime.  He covers and hovers just in time just in time to throw the dime of the crime of crimes.  The crime two times.

Ancient ancient crawls the log of certain judgment certain cause.

Crawl crawl down your hall make hast dark doll.  Sway your play, make haste trim the day.  We say we say now you become the prey.  The prey the pray.

Dreams dreams visions and schemes track the donors find the cream.  Take the bile and vile the mark.  Upon their body the stone a spark the stone a spark.

Still sing the Lark still sing the Lark.

Lark of the feast Lark of the feast.  Do they dare to embrace the beast?  Lark Lark trial and trough will they eat and heel of croft the heel of croft.

The field of dreams becomes their own schemes their own schemes they find in the field of dreams.  Black as night coal is bright soon the sight shall bring the fight and forever more no more.   Forever more no more to sway the whore and sting the bore no more.  No more no more to call the whore by a Dark Lord’s holy book they make uneven the score by the “whore”.

Your Bibles are a dark pit from witch to witch from sorcery to doom they call their book “god” while they shallow the mind shallow the the mind.  “Whore, and “hate” are their portion by the words absurd words absurd.  Embrace the vulgar embrace time the race of morality cease they fell in the grease of strong delusions’ pie.

One last syme one last Syme go to the goat sweat to the rhyme.  One last syme one last time before the fall of natures chime… Syme shall burn burn burn.  Cave or no cave the oppressor will burn.

The Scribe’s dreams absent of schemes.  Repels the Iron Rod of Syme and Grime.  Syme and Grime has no more time.

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