Can You Deprogram from The Image of The Beast?

Attention: Fulfilled prediction/educated guess below. See the Dubai map.

Please understand we are not claiming to be prophets by “thus sayeth The Lord”. Still sometimes it is Father giving us the words. I am a Scribe of God, of that I am certain. I get feelings and I guess according to The Spirit within. I am human and don’t always know if it’s Spirit or just an educated guess/flesh.

Jazweeh’s believe it or not

Sometime between April 8th thru the end of June 2024.  We predict by educated guess.  Time shall be no more.  Gentiles will all be harvested, all in a day.  Everything changed over night to solitude.  What happens when time stops?  We no longer age.  God’s healing comes with the New Earth.  The New Earth begins and the old Earth must be Crimson to fade & then gone gone gone.

If you see the magic of our time you know that God does not need to use conventional elements to destroy all devices on Earth.  Consider that to bring in the New Earth He could easily use methods not of this Earth.  He may mandela effect all of mankind to harvest then judgement.  And He may Mandela effect all corruption gone gone gone as it never existed.  Have you been purified?  If so you likely see miracles happening around us.

Perhaps the purified will abide on the pure New Earth.  God will make Guardians for the New Earth.  He will use those who He trusts and those who Love, honor, and respect His Earthen creations.  Not that we always did but we do now.

Corporations will burn with no fire needed.  Men shall draw fire unto themselves.  Machinery is drawing fire.  Devices will melt away with no heat applied.  Powers of Earth are failing elements changing.  The prayers are already bellowed throughout the ages of time to crush the beast system.  They cannot be reversed or stopped.

Word “stupid” appears in most Bibles as the towers of babel rewrite all literature, dialects, and languages.

The dark rulers should have considered compassionately with empathy, all of mankind, the poor, the needy, the sick, and the simple.

For the weak shall inherit the Earth.  The greatest exchange of Love and power is happening now.  Spirit now has all authority over Earth-kind.  Of course Spirit always had dominion but God allowed evil to have it’s rule for a time.

The 144 do not rule and will not rule over anyone.  Rulership is oppression.

Only God Almighty has the Love and insight needed to rule mankind.

The 144 are already reining on the Earth.  However Christians have no idea what “reining” means in real time.  They pour out the spirit rain upon the Earth as led by God’s will.

God’s words do not return unto Him void (unfulfilled).

The powerful rulers of Earth shall very soon be no more.  Vanishing without a scream or a whimper of strength.

Those who call themselves gods shall eat the eggs of their hatching schemes.

“Vengeance is mine” sayeth The Lord God Almighty.

Your submarines can’t help you.  Your planes of purpose will not fly.  Your caves and rivered rocks won’t supply your needs.  Your purple escape plans of intended to insure survival won’t work.   No matter the cost of millions or billions it shall burn as straw in the new lethal black hole sun.  Or the New Earth Sun of God.

“We are gods” they proclaim as they step out & down to relish in their popular self beautification.  The pretty people oppress the many by their social graces and false honor.  But they pretend no more.  For they have come victim to their own second weapon.  Write write write.  The masters write their sinister rhymes and time of history, write write the memory of the masses-all one all one all one blood and drums blood and drum.


The Image of the Beast was their most effective weapon of genocide.  Until the rewrites came and the towers of babel arose.

These gods of Anartica Anarchy Ant-arc-tic-a & Atlantis deceive for self worth sake.  You shall know you are no god.  Your time has come on a fence post & a toast with a host of iron rods by witch you rule.  Fallen fallen Rome and the Eagle have fallen to the depths of despair and even the ants cannot survive God’s justice.

Mine is

and this time is the time of the revealing.  And so on and, and the other sites I listed in the sidebar I have revealed many supernatural miracles of our time.  If you can see these miracles, at least some of them, then you may be destined for the New and coming Earth.  With it’s New Nature that will nourish the children of God.  No more cooking, dirty dishes, devices, killing of animals, no more debauchery of mankind as he destroys and poisons without regard this present day falling Earth.

Join Jazweeh in the Upsidedown of Deprogramming from the Beast System.

90% or more of what we hear and see on TV/phone (image of the beast) are lies.  And much of what is seen as “fiction” on TV and in music is Truth, great Truth even.  Watchmen on Youtube claim that TV is “theatre” and it is.  However ironically right after they say it’s all lies the commence to prove to us that they still believe every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Beast.

Example-  “It’s all theatre and lies” say the Watchmen, …”furthermore we now now & see that we are about to go to war with Russia and we are now on the verge of nuclear (they will say nukUlar) war.   And the U.S. is falling apart and being crushed”…bla bla bla…bla bla.

Clearly the Watchmen are under the spell of the strong delusion.  And they are baked into the reality that the towers of Babel have provided them.

Some see signs and wonders (mandela effects) and some do not.  Others see the miracles in the skies and others do not.  Some see the towers of Babel and the damage they have done to all language, dialects, literature, TV, minds of mankind, and desecrations of the body.  Others have been purified and “made white” in a long process of purification since 2017.  Today is 09-24-2023.

Gentiles Saved

That’s just the way it is.  Seek God now if you don’t see any of the signs and wonders & trade lies for Truth.  Christians are under the strong delusion and cannot remember God’s words (not all of them).    They hail the desecrated new scripture showing they never held His words safe in their hearts.  This means Faith still saves.  But they prefer the lies and that’s not a good thing.  They will sleep for one thousand years as a day.

Fulfilled prediction Dubai was flooded in 2024, April. “”On 16 April 2024, heavy rains caused floods in the United Arab Emirates, affected cities of mainly Dubai and Sharjah, the northern Emirates, and different areas of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. According to the Emirati National Center for Meteorology, this was the country’s heaviest rainfall recorded in 75 years. Wikipedia
Start date: April 16, 2024″”

 “Deadly storms that left Dubai under water and killed more than 20 people in Oman were likely made worse by climate change, scientists say. Heat pumped into the atmosphere by humans made the record rainfall 10-40% heavier, they say. But the natural weather pattern El Niño also drove the intense storms.” BBC Dubai Deadly Floods 2024

Wrath of God events shall cover the Earth targeting the oppressors and their contaminated industries w/products from Hell, and poison factories of evil.


One sentence answer?  Because they do not know their own hearts.

Emotions do not change easily.  Have a resentment?  Without God’s help we will carry it to our grave.  We all built walls of Jericho around our hearts.  Walls that are so strong only we ourselves with God’s guidance and Truth can make the walls of Jericho come tumbling down.  In the meantime we gain only a shallow understanding of the words of Truth before our eyes.

Our hearts prefer the lies on the image of the beast because the lies are our comfort.  The lies show us that we are going to be okay.  The lies protect us from our enemies (we think).

Fear is the lynch pin holding the walls of Jericho together.  Truth is the double edged sword that cuts the lynch pin.  And Love is the necessary ingredient that makes temperance, understanding, and transparency possible within us.

But people reading Truth often cannot understand what it means to know or not know one’s own heart.  Why?  God Almighty is the only one who can reveal our heart to us.  It takes humility and great courage to find the Truth in our heart.  It takes seven years to learn who we are and why we are who we are.  It takes another seven years to learn who the Image of the Beast is and to see it for what it is.

Why so long Jazweeh?  Because we are all emotionally programmed from birth.  Set in front of the Image of the Beast to the tune of comfort and care.  Love sets us before the TV and the comfort it brings us in youth is akin to the Love of our mothers.  Sometimes the TV gives us more comfort and care than our parents ever could.  And so we are subconsciously loyal to the picture shows on the TV.   We have no apparent reason to see any of it as lies and propaganda.  It is our kind and gracious nanny who gave us our feeling of safety and security all our young lives.

So due to the emotional brain washing that happens in youth the masses are faithful to their devices, vices.

The TV lies to them all day long along with their phones and yet they have no idea what the image of the beast is.

God Almighty created mankind upright and righteous but they have sought out many vices/devices/inventions.    First the KJVB did read “vices”.  Then it changed to devices and then years later inventions.  The bible changes are not all lies.  All bibles where never all pure words of Jesus.  For those who have the belt of Truth we know Truth from lies regarding the bibles.

Most Christians are under the mind control of the towers of babel.  While the Locust feeds on their eye sockets.  Be grateful that the great trib is not yet as horrible as preachers proclaimed it would be.




A tall tale of white lies
Circling buzzards fill the skies.
A smoke screen before my face
Silly, Silly human race
Tantalizing bits of chaos and schemes
In my massive book of lost dreams
I search the pages all the night
To find my truth alive and bright
Restore my sight oh sacred ones
I am oppressed beneath my thumb
Fear and pain lets not forget
My tainted life poached in regret
I have worked so hard to forge these anchors
Of safe harbor and greasy cankers
Slippery slides I am bungled up
Another day another sup
Free me now from sticky glue
Then I’ll reject my savory stew

Of Fright______________________________________________




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