100,000 Went Up In Rapture

Many of the 144 have already been raptured.  Our visions have shown us this.

Could we be wrong about what we see & believe?…..always.

Those who already passed away have also ascended unto the Heaven or judgement.  So all that’s left on Earth now is the remnant of 44,000 upon the entire Earth.  And also of course the Gentiles are still here with the unbelievers.

We doubt if anyone will miss the 100,000 who ascended due to the strong delusion.  It will likely be as if they never existed.  The vail of blindness is a common end of days pattern regarding the effects of supernatural events on the people.  Most are vailed.  People are not seeing many of the end of days signs.  Unbelievers see more Mandela Effects than the alleged “Christians” do.

Christians, (church going majority) see nothing supernatural.   All the Watchmen who are anointed to warn the masses know Jesus is returning soon.  They get their signs off the Image of the Beast (TV/Cell).  Heinous signs of evil and debauchery.

TV news is where the watchmen get most of their signs. Except of course their anointing to be the sign of Jonah the watchmen.  They don’t notice the wonders in the sky.  The spinning moon, smiley face rising in the East, then a bowl as it sets that same night in the west.  They notice not the changes to the sun.  They still believe they are on a spinning ball globe.  As they proclaim their awareness.  At least they know He is returning soon!  Ironically I thank God for these 1/2 blind watchmen!  They are a great validation to the 144.

The Vision/Dream I Had Last Night Early Morning 12-26-2023

I saw a huge oversized sleigh.  Yes a sleigh like a Santa sleigh.  It seated 100 people by width.  And there were 1,000 rows of seats in it.  It was huge.  A picture I have never seen or conceived of in my mind.  I believe the dream was from God.  The people were happy and knew exactly where and why they were going.  It was very natural, it seemed very natural for the people as if now they “know as well as they are known.”

There was more to the dream I don’t remember but my guides said that part of the dream was for the interpretation.

So the 44,000 must have more work to do on Earth or we too would have gone up in the sleigh ride.  As for the Gentiles they are already caught up like fish in the cloud.  THE CLOUD.  The god of the Iron rods of the towers of babel has much control of their memories and their lost/deleted memories of God Truth.

What’s coming for the Gentiles?  A fiery purification if they are truly believers.  An instant painless death of a heat so hot there is no time for the body to feel it.  This is a kind of rapture as well.  Instant painless death.  Deliverance from the Locust and it’s winged abomination.  With deliverance from whatever darkness has taken them.


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