Empty Vessels, Wells Without Water, Whitewashed Tombs

God Began it and He WILL END IT and Soon!  The Creator is the Alpha and the Omega/the beginning and the end.

The Dark Lord took all the bibles with permission.  He turned those to the dark side who could be turned.  He put in bondage to the Locust those who were not protected.  And now the Dark Lord is destroying all of his puppets.  Their corporations, their theirvery of land and resources, and their abuse of the innocent whom they made into slaves are being set free from them.  The Dark Lord will devour his own recruits of souls. That was always his purpose.  The serpents and wolves are fu**ed.

For those of us who have felt people’s (across the board given at birth) Spirit of Life and their personal spirit like their vibe or personality type…things have changed drastically gradually and not in a good way.

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